The Big Three

All right, you’ve suffered through two posts about conventions (which is nothing if you are familiar with the old version of the site). One more and that should wrap it up for at least a little while.

Yes, I know I’m obsessing

In the last post I noted some of the fun that can be had as a vendor. There are three conventions, all of which occur up in the Spring that I have attended the most as something other than just an attendee. I want to talk about each of them today, but before I do I want to give a shout out
2 to the Flint Horror Con. I worked the GLAHW table at the FHC for the first time last year and it was a blast. I can’t wait to go back this year. I hope that this is one Con which gets bigger and better with each year.

The perfect example of that kind of convention is
Motor City Nightmares. They started out small, just a dealer/media guest room and a film festival, and have grown to be one of the biggest horror themed conventions in our area. The great thing is that it is all horror. The bad thing, it is all horror. This means that whenever I take a break from the table, there is the risk that I am going to end up spending money.

We have been attending
Motor City ComiCon as vendors for years. I am continually amazed by the talented guests which they are able to attract each year. This may be the most fun that the GLAHW has at conventions. A few years ago we expanded to two tables. We also started our popular “theme days.” Friday is pretty much a come as you want day. Saturday and Sunday have become themed costume days for anyone working the table. Previous themes have included the characters from the TV shows Firefly and Archer, anime character day, and the often referred to Alice day.5 Just wait until you see what we’ve come up with this year.

Penguicon is not a convention that I have attended as a vendor. The GLAHW presence is a little lower at this one, partially because it tends to conflict with other conventions so we have to spread ourselves a little thinner. It is was one of the first conventions I started attending on a regular basis. I think I first attended for one day in 2007. I was so blown away (and upset that I had missed the first two days) that I made sure I registered for all three days the following year. That was the year I got to eat Brazilian Beef and was blown away by the singing Tesla coils. Since then, attending has been a regular part of my annual planning. I look forward to eating ice cream made with liquid Nitrogen. It was at Penguicon that I first met Cherie Priest, now one of my favorite authors. A few years later I worked up the nerve to volunteer as a panelist. The first panel I ever participated in (Vampires vs Zombies) was with Cherie Priest and Patrick Rothfuss. To say I look forward to both participating and attending each year is a grave understatement.

This year, as I have already mentioned, I have taken another step and volunteered to be the head of the Literature Track. This means I’m currently trying to corral any speculative fiction authors, editors, publisher and such who might be interested in appearing on a panel. If you know anyone, have them fill out this
application or contact me directly at

If you have the time, I strongly encourage you to come out and attend one or all of these cons this year. If you do, keep an eye out for me. I’ll be the one trying to act professional despite the big geeky grin on his face.

1 Shut up.

2 As the young kids say.

3 Does anyone still say that? Probably not.

4 Yeah, but the kids listen to that Justin Beaver so who cares what they think or say?

5 Where everyone working the table dressed as a character named Alice. We had Alice from
Alice Sweet Alice, Alice from the Resident Evil movies, Alice from the Alice in Wonderland video games, and yours truly as Alice from The Brady Bunch. Yeah. There are pictures of me out there. Try getting that image out of your head.