A Quick Peek At The Future

I don't want to turn this into a full-on psychic website, what with my discussion of prognostication a few weeks ago. However, I want to give everyone a heads up as to what it in the very predictable future.

Let's start with one of my favorite times of year:

Con Season

With the Spring comes one of my favorite times of year, the first three conventions of the year.
2 Those familiar with the website an myself know that I am talking about Penguicon, Motor City Nightmares, and the Motor City Comic Con. With any luck I will be able to attend all three. Unfortunately, Penguicon and MCN are once again on the same weekend (26 - 28 April). This is a big bummer for me. I have been attending Penguicon for years. It is one of the first conventions that I attended on a regular basis. It is also the first convention which I spoke at as a panelist. The Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers will be attending Motor City Nightmares as a group.

This is a really tough decision for me. Penguicon started as a gathering of Linux users. After a while the attendees realized that they had a lot of other interests in common. Not surprisingly, many of these interests are interesting to me. Naturally there are panels which discuss various aspects of computers and computing. There are also discussions of literature, science fiction, the ecology, science, gaming, video games, costuming,... Just about every Track features something I am interested in.

Motor City Nightmares is a convention which focuses on horror. While the main focus is on cinematic horror, all aspects of the genre are represented. The GLAHW has attended MCN as a vendor a number of times. It has been great to watch the convention grow each year. It is also great to socialize not only with the members of the group, but with a whole room full of people who love horror just as much as we do.

At this time my plan is to contact the people in charge of scheduling at Penguicon and see if they are interested in having me as a presenter or panelist this year. If so, I am going to request that they not schedule me on Sunday. That way I can spend at least one full day at MCN. If not, well than my schedule opens up a lot more.

One unseen benefit of some of the joining, socializing, and networking that I did last year is that the people in charge of MCN are offering discounted prices to the members of the
Motor City Haunt Club. This is great. I won't have to worry about using one of the badges for the GLAHW table to get in.

One month later is another big convention for the area, the Motor City Comic Con. Now we are nowhere near as big as San Diego, but this is one of the biggest Geek Fests for our area. This will be the sixth year that the GLAHW has attended as vendors. We have some big plans in the works for our actual table space. As always, there will be themed costume days. One of which has already been decided on, and I am hoping that a second will be agreed upon as well. Be ready for the usual creative costuming from your favorite horror authors.

Speaking of, there have been some big changes among the GLAHW recently. Last year was a great year for new members.
3 Not only has the group gotten larger, we have added members who are interested in participating in a wide variety of ways. They also bring new perspectives to the group. I suspect that this year will be even bigger for the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers.

There are other conventions that I would like to attend, but I fear funding may prevent me. I would dearly love to go to New Orleans for the
Horror Writers Association and Stoker Awards in June.4

Of course, that is a little further in the future than I meant to discuss here.

Writing Goals

I have been doing a good job of keeping up with my 1K per Day plan. Unfortunately, I have been a little scattered with my writing, so some of the projects I had planned on focusing on have fallen by the way side. Right now there are three big ones on my immediate horizon.

The first is a S00per Skreit project which would be great, if it goes through. This is one of those "benefits of networking and making friends" things. I don't want to discuss any details at the moment. I don't want to jinx it and it is nowhere near the point where it should be discussed in public. At least not yet. However, my excitement regarding this project is such that it has eaten up a lot of time. More details as the situation warrants.

The other project, which kind of came out of the blue, is also super, but less secret. Again, it is by no means a done deal, so I am probably jumping the gun, but networking pays off sometimes so keep your fingers crossed. I am currently writing my first super-hero short story. I am really enjoying the process, with the exception of one setback. Anyone who follows me on the
Zuckerberg project knows about my data loss problem of a few weeks ago.

The third project I am focusing on is the biggest. It is also the one which I have fallen the furthest behind on. I was hoping to have my novel length piece
Howl finished by the end of the month. This is simply not going to happen. I have pushed that deadline back to the end of February, hopefully sooner. My ultimate goal is to have it edited to the point where I can submit it in the Spring. With a little boost I should be able to be back on track for this.

The first one I mentioned is currently at a place where I can not do much with it. This should give me time to finish the super-hero story, edit it, and submit it. Then I can turn back to
Howl while toying with that first one in my spare time.

Personal Stuff

Of course there are a lot of other things on the horizon as well. Tesla and Titus have a birthday coming up in a few weeks. The Mrs has a birthday shortly after that. If all goes as planned I will meet (and get the autograph of)
Kim Harrison5. We are in the heart of the Detroit Derby Girls new season and I have yet to see a match (which I hope to correct next month).

I'm sure there are other things which have slipped my mind for the moment, but honestly it's getting late and just thinking about this list is simultaneously making me tired and getting me too excited to sleep, so I had better stop here.

1 KAHN! Ahem, I mean CON!

2 The first three that I usually attend, that is. I would love to be able to attend
ConFusion which is going on as I write this.

3 This is based in no small part on our numerous appearances last year (MCN, MCCC, the Grand Rapids Toy Expo, Flint Horror Con, Three Corpse Circus, the Redford Theatre, and workshops at two libraries).

4 If anyone is interested in financing this outing for me, please contact me ASAP.

5 Author of the Hollows series which I fell in love with last year.

6 The books, that is.