Enough Already

I generally keep the political stuff off of the blog, choosing funnier and fun topics for my Rants. Sometimes one sneaks through. This is one of those. Feel free to stop reading right here.

I’m not what you would call a traditional sports fan. I’ll watch the odd college football or hockey games if I happen to be home, or listen to a baseball game while driving, but there are few sports I actively seek out to watch.
1 The only sporting events I attend regularly2 would be roller derby.

In fact, when it comes to sports movies, our household is atypical as far as gender norms are concerned. When we still had TiVo, we each had items saved on the disk that we would not erase. The Mrs’ movies included
We Are The Titans and Blindsided, two football movies.3

With this caveat aside, while I am not a huge sports fan, there are certain aspects of all group sporting events which I find admirable. Chief among these is the fact that once the game is done, the teams go from being antagonists to fellow athletes. They complement each other on good performances. They line up to congratulate each other. This is ingrained in every athlete from the top paid professionals to the children learning the sport. To ignore this is to bring the ire of other athletes and fans alike.

In fact, when the racist opposing coach snubs Denzel Washington as Coach Boone in the aforementioned
Titans, the audience knows exactly what a shitbag he is. Well, we already knew this, but the act cemented that knowledge.


It’s been just shy of 50 days since the US held its presidential elections. This week the Electoral College
4 definitively called that election. Despite this, the sore losers of team #thepresidentwholost refuse to take the field, shake hands, and smack the other team on the butt with a hearty “Atta boy” or “Good game.”5

Come on, set a good example for the kids in Little League.

No, strike that. Take an example from the kids in Little League.

1 As far as the Olympics are concerned, it’s pretty much just fencing, hockey, and curling.

2 When we are not in a pandemic, that is.

3 Whereas I had
RED and Christopher Titus’ Love is Evol.

4 That horry bastion of stupidity foisted upon us by the Founding Fathers which

5 Granted, I wouldn’t my hand anywhere near Lindsay Graham’s ass…