A Month of Horror: Day 24

24 October

Movie: Ginger Snaps
Four and Twenty Blackbirds/Wings to the Kingdom/Not Flesh Nor Feathers

Take a boring suburb, add two high school aged sisters who use portrayals of death to brighten their lives, mix in lycanthropy and puberty, and you have the recipe for a great horror film with subtle humor flavors.
1 Ginger Snaps is a great tale which illustrates the bonds of sisterhood and the changes young women go through. It contains some good acting, some very nice gore and transformation effects, and some biting humor.2

Cherie Priest is probably best known as an author of wonderful steampunk novels,
3 but she has explored numerous supernatural topics as well.4 For today's selections, however, we are going to focus on her first series, starring Eden Moore, a woman who can see and occasionally communicate with the dead. The novels have a true Southern Gothic feel, and while not the most terrifying novels, they are so brilliantly written that they simply have to be read.5

1. Believe it or not, I wasn't trying to do a recipe/gingersnaps pun when I started that sentence.

2. That one was on purpose.

3. Rightly so. Start with
Boneshaker and just go from there. You'll end up reading one after the other until you run out of books.

4. Including vampires, ghosts, lycanthropes, Lovecraftian horrors, and zombies.

5. In fact, I have yet to come across one of Ms. Priest's books that I did not enjoy and I've read just about everything she's written.