It's Time To Vote Again (For Books!)

We’ve been incommunicado for bit as we’ve been wrapping up 2020. While we have some exciting announcements coming in the next few days, this is one of those hands out, can you help us out a bit posts.

Don’t worry, we’re not asking for money.

Long time followers
1 will know about the Annual Critters Readers’ Poll. Each year the Critters Workshop sponsors a poll which allows readers to vote for their favorite publications of the year in a number of categories. This year we once again have a number of places on the ballots. If you wish to help us out, all you have to do is go to the page for that category (and we’ve helpfully provided the links below), click on the choice, then follow the direction.

We would greatly appreciate your help with this.

Thank you in advance for your help, links follow.

Young Adult Book
Devil’s Bane: Tales of a Fourth Grade Warrior by Ken MacGregor, published by Dragon’s Roost Press2

“Death, The Whore” by Anton Cancre, published by Dragon’s Roost Press

Horror Short Story
“Plague of Man: SS of the Dead” by Peggy Christie

Book/e-book Cover Artwork
Plague of Man: SS of the Dead by Donald England5

Erie Tales: Unlucky Thirteen published by the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers6 (and edited by yours truly)

and last but not least

Books Publisher
Dragon’s Roost Press

1 Waves to the new people.

2 Available here

3 Available here

4 Available
here (from DRP author Peggy Christie)

5 Available
here (from DRP cover artist Don England)

6 Available

7 Hey!
That’s us!