Everything So Far

This is just a quick post to update y’all1 on what has been going on in the world of business.

As always, the second week of February was very busy. If you have the opportunity to avoid marrying someone whose birthday is the day before a major holiday, like say Valentine’s Day, go ahead. If you go ahead and make that love connection, just know that you have significantly reduced your ability to book any kind of evening out. Restaurant? Forget about it!

As it was, most of the actual birthday celebrating got moved to the weekend after. The beginning of the month was tinged with sadness as my wife lost her best friend to a sudden, unexpected illness. The two of them were great together and she will be sorely missed.

I wasn’t sure how The Mrs would want to play it, so we took each day as it came. On her actual birthday we went out for a quiet dinner together, just the two of us. She got her homemade
2 pineapple upside down cake.3 Valentine’s Day was another quiet evening this time at home. The V-day present (a photobook of the puppies growing up) seemed to be a big hit.

There are two things that The Mrs likes when it comes to her birthday: surprises and doing new things. This year she got one of each. The new things category was amply fulfilled by a trip to the shooting range where she got to try a number of different hand guns. She also perfected shooting the target in the crotch, a talent which, quite frankly, scares me to no end.

We also tried a new restaurant,
Local Kitchen and Bar. It has a small menu of mostly comfort goods, but they are done quite well. The Mac and Cheese was amazing. The company was even better.

Of course, not everything from the past few weeks had been about The Mrs.
4 A lot of it has been con prep. I have been working hard to fill in the Literature Track for Penguicon.5 This is actually quite exciting for me. I am having a lot of fun hearing from authors, getting suggestions about programming. There are some really cool ideas that have come my way. Even more fun for me is seeing the actual programming coming together. Knowing that this person will be perfect for this panel or how cool it is going to be to see these two people interact...

Yeah, I’m having fun.

The down side is that I am constantly checking my e-mail to see if there is something else I need to work on. The up side is that this occasionally sparks other ideas. It struck me the other day that I hadn’t asked about the authors doing readings.

BTW, if you are an author interested in performing a reading at Penguicon, see footlink 5. I don’t know if there will be space in the programming for me to do one, but just in case I have started to look at some of the things I have read before. Fortunately I am pretty familiar with much of what I have written due to another S00per Sekrit project. I am thinking that I might read “Digital Media” for the first time. The people at Penguicon would definitely be the kind of crowd that would appreciate the joke inherent in the title. I have to keep in mind that it is not necessarily a horror crowd. I’ve been looking at some of the more Sci-Fi-ish stories. “Did You Get That” has a Kaiju (Giant Monster). “Greetings of the Season” would be nice and light after “Digital Media.” “The Stairwell” has gotten good response at previous readings. I’ll have to see how much time they would take. My goal is to not leave
too much time for Q&A.

Of course, this is all predicated on actually being scheduled to do a reading and having people show up.

My other big prep work is for
Motor City Comic Con. I have started to pick up material the costume that I hinted at the other day. I have also been contacting people for advice on how to put certain portions of the costume together. I think I have what I need to start the basic framework (the rig itself). The Mrs has an all day sewing gig planned for this Saturday, so I’m thinking I might see what I can cobble together.

If I feel up to the running around, I will hit the storage unit to pick up a few items that I have there and perhaps make a run at Michael’s or JoAnn Fabrics to see scout out some of the other elements of the costume.

Yeah, I’ve really been getting my geek on.

This looks to be an interesting weekend. Friday we will be attending
Indulgence with some friends of ours. I feel a little bad about this as I am keeping this a secret from The Mrs too. She just knows that we are going out but not where we are going.6 I feel kinda bad because she isn’t into chocolate the way I am. She also has convinced herself that this is really another birthday surprise.

Sunday I will meet with a few of the
GLAHW officers to plot out how our table area will look for MCCC. We are thinking of trying something slightly different with the set up this time around.

I realized this morning that I may not have anything for Bruce Campbell to sign when I see him in a few weeks. I can’t remember if I had
Bubba Ho Tep signed or not. Just in case, I ordered My Name is Bruce. Now I just have to decide if I am going to get all dressed up or wear my Miskatonic drinking league bowling shirt.7

1 The Mrs listens to country music so I can legitimately use that word.

2 Yes by me.

3 Who has pineapple upside down cake for their birthday cake?

5 Obligatory Panelist Request: If you know anyone who might be interested in being a panelist, lecturer, or discussion leader at this years convention visit the panelist
information or email me at literature@penguicon.org

6 I’ll hold off on publishing this until tomorrow. That way she won’t have a chance to have the surprise ruined.

7 There was a bit of weirdness a few days after I wrote this. My computer flaked out and started deleting things. I’m not sure exactly how it ended originally, but this is good enough.