There are certain things which responsible dog parent should be prepared to do. One of these things becomes extremely important when you have two puppies, one of each gender. Yes, I am talking about neutering/spaying. We have utilized the narrow window between Puppy and Intermediate Classes to have the puppies fixed.

I wont go into all of the reasons why. I'll just briefly mention that besides the obvious benefit of not having unplanned litters, there are also a great number of potential health hazards which can be avoided (or the chances of them rearing their ugly cancerous heads greatly reduced).

The operations were done at the Centerline Vetrinary Hospital. All three surgeries went well ((Titus also had an abdominal hernia repaired). Tesla had a little post-op pain, but by the next day they were up and bouncing off of each other.

At this point Titus has already destroyed one Victorian collar. They will have them on for another few days at least. With any luck the sutures and staples will be out in time for the start of class.