I Can’t Say Enough Good Stuff About Unspeakable Words

I admit, I have a bit of a YouTube addiction.1

There are a number of channels that I watch regularly, and some that I watch when I am in the mood. One of the “I feel like binging a bunch of these” channels is
TableTop. If you are not familiar, Wil “Big Deal On The Internet” Wheaton sits down with a group of people and plays games. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that there was a Cthulhu based game which I had not heard of!2

After watching the game play,3 I decided that I absolutely had to have it.

Unspeakable Words is a word based card game in which the players take turns making works using the cards that they are dealt. Each card has a single letter on it and each letter is worth a specific amount. Unlike crazy games where the letters are given names a point value based on how easy it is to use them, the values here are based on the number of angles in the letter. So M is worth 3 and O is worth nothing. The first player to reach one hundred points win.


“Where is the Cthulhu element?” I hear you ask. Well, for starters, each card has a cute little Mythos creature on it. Also, each player starts out with five of the cutest little Cthulhu figurines. And this is where it gets interesting. Each word you make, much like an eldritch incantation, can rob you of your sanity. After making your word and scoring your points, you then roll a d20. You have to roll the number of points you scored or higher. If you fail, you lose a sanity point (one of the Cthulhus). If you lose all of your Cthulhus, you are dead and out of the game.


Once you are down to only one sanity point, you are INSANE. This allows you to make any word you want with your letters, provided you can make up a definition for it. You still have to make a sanity check after scoring.

We’ve been playing it just about every day since it arrived at The Dragon’s Roost. It is great fun, even with only two players.

Unspeakable Words scores a definite 10 out of 10 Insane Cultists.

1 I can quit anytime I want.

2 I have a bit of a “collect Cthulhu games” problem too.

3 That’s one of the nice things about Table Top -- you actually see what goes in to playing a game, how detailed it is, etc.