First Haunt of 2020

Some of you may remember that 2019 was the year I did not attend any haunted attractions.1

Well, despite the threat of plague, crowds, and 2020 in general, I went to
Hush Haunted Attraction last night. And it was amazing.

The haunt moved to a new site in 2019, so this is their second year in the new location. Those who visited before this will remember a haunt which was partially indoors and partially covered outside. The new haunt is completely inside with indoor waiting
2 and social distance markings on the floor. As is standard this year, there was no joining of groups to make foursomes.3

The haunt is impressive, consisting of three main portions plus the waiting area. Visitors first encounter the city of Hush Falls — a collection of New Orleans-esque building facades.

From there one enters the Hush Falls Hotel and descends into the Basement and the catacombs beneath. This leads to the Voodoo Bayou and finishes at Rosecliff Hall. All three of these haunts are connected and entirely contained indoors. The sets are lush and detailed with a good mix of animatronics
4, static props, and actors. The detail shown in each of the various rooms is extraordinary, easily ranking up with some of the best haunts I have attended. There are fewer actors than one would expect, most likely due to Covid restrictions, but those who are there make the most of their time with the guests. Some of these do an amazing job of hiding in the shadows or hiding out in the open pretending to be animatronics. Scares are set so each member of the group is targeted, sometimes the first person getting the brunt, sometimes those who lag behind, and in classic haunt tradition, many times it is those cowards who hide in the middle of the group.

The haunt is well designed with multiple switch backs making the best use of the space. I left my phone in the car so I can’t give you an accurate determination of how far we walked, but the haunt is definitely worth the ride out to Westland, MI.

1 And those same people will know that this is about five to ten fewer than I attend in a normal year.

2 Always nice for a Michigan autumn.

3 A reason I was glad to have the company of Nicole and Shad. Normally I attend haunts alone and I’m not sure how that would work out in 2020.

4 Including some impressively large ones — I’m looking at your zombie horse.