Penguicon 2018 -- Where I'll Be

Penguicon is just a few days away, so I figured it was about time I shared my schedule with everyone.

For those who do not know
1, Penguicon is a convention which celebrates everything geeky. It started as a Unix convention2, but grew to include panels in Action & Adventure, After Dark, Anime, Cosplay, DIY, Food, Gaming, Life, Literature, Media, Science, and Technology.3/4

I have been attending for years and I consider it my “home con.” I’ve been participating as a panelist for a number of years and will be doing so again this year. The whole schedule is located
here. My schedule for 2018 is as follows:

Click here for a quick link to my schedule

4 May 2018 (Friday)

1800 - 1850

Line, what line? Taboos in Speculative Fiction

2100 - 2150

World Building

5 May 2018 (Saturday)

1200 - 1250

Author Reading (With Steven Lake)

6 May 2018 (Sunday)

1100 - 1150

Self Publishing in 2018

1200 - 1250

The Editor is Your Friend

1300 - 1350

How to Update and Fix Problematic Archetypes and Tropes in Speculative Fiction

1 Waves to the new people
2 Hence the penguin
3 Your’s truly was in charge of the Lit programming again, this year.
4 For a basic intro, check out
this page