An Amazing Evening

I didn’t want to mention it in the earlier post because there was always the chance that The Mrs would look at the website and have her surprise ruined.1 Now that the evening is over, I can safely mention where it was that we went.3

We met two of our very good friends at
Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle. This was particularly funny since when we were out feather bowling6, The Mrs mentioned that we had been to a number of comedy clubs but had not been to Mark Ridely’s. When she said that, I had already purchased the tickets for the night out.

Mark Ridley’s is a comedy staple which has been around since 1979. The first year it was open it helped launch the careers of local funny men Tim Allen and Dave Coulier. Over the years a slew of well known comedians have appeared there.

We ended up going there because of the four that went, I’m the only one who doesn’t really have a life to work around
8. Between three work schedules and a nursing school schedule, the only really good day for everyone to get together was Thursday. We (everyone but The Mrs) wracked our brains to come up with something interesting to do on a Thursday.

At which point I started looking at comedy clubs, found out that the
Amazing Johnathan was going to be appearing in Royal Oak, and got super happy.

I am a big fan of the Amazing Johnathon and his blend of humor and magic. I’ve seen all of his specials and who knows how many hours of material on The You Tubes, but have never had the opportunity to see him in person. I was delighted to discover that he was taking a break from his Las Vegas show to go on tour.

I was a little worried that I would be the only person who would have a good time. Fortunately this was not the case. The whole group, and the whole audience for that matter, seemed to have a great time. The only thing better than enjoying a good laugh is being with friends who are laughing even harder.

I was also pleased by the fact that about 70% of the material was new. Part of this was due to Johnathon’s off the cuff interactions with the audience and other improvisational joke.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and we had what I hope was an enjoyable close to The Mrs’ stretched out birthday celebration.

1 She loves surprises so I kept the last extended birthday celebration night out a secret.

2 She guessed where we were going when we were about a half a mile from our destination. It is frustrating, but I am still calling that a win.

3 Which would have been “where we are going” in the earlier post before it was redacted.

4 As anyone who follows me on
The Facebooks knows, the word “redacted” is weird because it is a longish word which is typed using only the left hand.5

5 If you know how to touch type and are using a standard keyboard.

6 See
this post.

7 Which I could list, but I’d just be copying from their webpage which I already linked to and we all know how lazy I am.

8 Other than writing, editing, putting together the anthology for
Dragon’s Roost Press, organizing the Literature programming for Penguicon, preparing for convention appearances with the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers

9 I was very sad to find out at the show that this would be his last tour. He is retiring due to a cardiac condition.