Penguicon Is Only A Few Weeks Away!

We are coming down to the wire for this year’s Penguicon. The schedule is up, plans are being finalized, and the final ConCom/SMOS is fast approaching1. It seems like I am doing more last minute rearranging than in previous years, but that may be the result of delays on my part last month.2

As things wind down on the programming side, they will be picking up on the panelist/attendee/volunteer side. I’ll be on site all weekend
3 so I can help facilitate any scheduling changes that occur during the convention. I will also be speaking4 at a number of panels. My schedule for this year looks like this6:

Friday 24 April

At this time I have no panels scheduled for Friday. I will most likely be spending my time assisting wherever I can. I do, however, plan to take in both of the Keynote presentations, if at all possible. If you need to find me between 7pm and 9pm, look for me in Algonquin B/C where I’ll be taking in The Camera Panopticon and then Data and Goliath.

Saturday 25 April

What is NaNoWriMo 11:00 Hamlin
A discussion of the National Novel Writing Month, what it is, and how it can benefit writers of all experience levels.

How to be a Critic: Writing Reviews for Fun and Profit 12:00 Charlevoix B
I’ve been writing film reviews for
RareHorror and book reviews through NetGalley for the better part of a year, so I thought I would spend some time talking about the experience.

Making the Fantastic Believable 13:00 Hamlin
I will be sitting down with a number of other sci-fi, fantasy, and horror authors and discussing how to create worlds which appear normal on the surface but which contain things straight out of our deepest imaginings.

You Can’t Kill The Undead
21:00 Board of Governors
The first panel I was ever on was about the proliferation of the undead in modern society. Now, almost a decade later, the “differently animated” are still going strong. This is a packed panel and a crowd favorite.

Sunday 26 April

You Got Your Sci-Fi in My… 11:00 Algonquin C
A variation on the popular genre-bending/mash-up panel, this should be another fun one.

Yes, that’s right. I think I managed to limit myself to only 5 panels this year. As I mentioned, I will provide updates if any of the information changes. I look forward to seeing you all at Penguicon!

1 The convention committee meetings are open to everyone. Immediately following the meeting is an informal get together This month the SMOS will have a carnival theme including games, geeky prizes, and the chance to volunteer at the convention itself. The meeting will be held at the
Westin Hotel Southfield (where the convention will be held) Sunday, 12 March at 1pm. The party will follow immediately after, probably starting around 3.

2 We went on vacation right after the final scheduling meeting. I wasn’t able to be in complete communication as I had thought that I would. I feel like I missed the ball as Lit Track Head this year.

3 I usually am.

4 As I usually do.

5 Although I limited myself to just 5 (maybe 6 panels this time around).

6 Keep in mind that the schedule is still in a fluid phase. Times and rooms may change. Check the
Official Schedule for final information.