Penguicon Links for People of Amazing Awesomeness

A quick highlight of some of the people who I spent time with, learned from, and who are just all around awesome — Penguicon edition.

Mary Lynne Gibbs —author, cake maestro, and all around cool person (even if she did wimp out at karaoke)

Steven Saus — author, publisher, singer of Rocky Horror songs

Jen Haeger — author

Patty Templeton — author, music expert

Rachel Acks — author, science type person, and someone who knows how to rock out the Tenacious D

Sarah Hans — author, editor, crowdsourcing wisdom font.

Bruce Schneier — security specialist

Daily Nightmare — author and Horror Snob

Twenty Minute Garden — This is where you go to find out about how to make your garden great.

Feral Works — Melissa G Ebbe, make up artist and mask maker

IT in the D — networking specialists