Adendums To Where I Will Be

A few weeks back I posted a long list of great things to do to gear up for the Halloween season. Since then, a number of other things have popped up on my radar. I don’t know if I can list all of them, so I will at least mention the changes in my own schedule.

Oct 13 --
Kaiju Fest A mini-con dealing with paranormal research created by Shetan Noir one of the people I was fortunate enough to have as a panelist at last year’s Penguicon (and who will be returning next year). Expect panels on ghost hunting, cryptozoology, paranormal investigation, as well as vendors and an after party featuring ghost hunting and belly dancing.

Oct 16 --
Wordcraft Wednesdays -- This is a program sponsored by fellow GLAHWian Nicole Castle at Macomb Community College. Once a month writers and poets read their work in front of the gathered students. In honor of Halloween, the October meeting will be all spooky stuff. I will be reading (probably “On The Stairs”) as well as Peggy Christie and a horror host of others.

Oct 19 -- My In-Laws’ Halloween Party. This usually conflicts with the GLAHW party so I have not been able to go in the past. This year I will forego the showing of
Texas Chainsaw Massacre at the Michigan Theater in order to attend (as soon as the Flint Horror Con lets out).

Oct 24 --
Night of the Living Dead/Riff Trax. Oh my sweet, merciless Cthulhu, how much did I love Mystery Science Theater 3000? The principal members of the MST3K troupe will be doing their thing to the classic zombie movie. They will be broadcasting live to theaters in the Eastern and Central time zones, delayed for the rest of the country. The comments from the cast will be broadcast to movie theaters all over the country so you get to experience the ripping live. I’ll be at the AMC Forum 30 in Utica if you want to join me.