The Obligatory “What Has Been Going On” Update

One of my goals for this year1 was to make sure that I am updating the website regularly. Knowing that “regularly” is a pretty loose definition, I decided that I should probably post something at least once a week, on average.2 I have tossed out a couple of rants lately, but it has been a while since I did one of the “what has been happening in the really real world” posts lately.

If you don’t care, skip to the next one.

As mentioned in the
previous post, Tesla and Titus turned 3 years old on the 25th. We celebrated by giving them each a large lamb bone supplied by The Mrs mother.4 I was amazed at how good they were with them. Not only did they not growl at each other, there was no attempt to steal each other’s bones. They both allowed us to pet them, including under the chin. At one point The Mrs sat on the floor and they each brought her their bones to hold while they chewed on them.5

With the beginning of the year come lots of planning. I attended the first meetings of the year for both the
Motor City Haunt Club and the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers. At the MCHC meeting I was able to pick up my cool new hoodie (celebrating the 10th year of the group). I also suggested some ideas for possible make and takes and such.

The GLAHW meeting was, for me, more involved. I’m an officer of the board, so I was actually front and center for the decision making process on that one. There were a number of exciting ideas tossed around including, but not limited to:

  • The theme for this year’s anthology (the SEVENTH!) will be Fairy Tales and Myths. Expect some horrific re-imaginings of your favorite childhood stories. I have one idea for a really gory version of “Puss In Boots,” but I’ve always wanted to write something featuring Baba Yaga.
  • The theme for the 2015 calendar will also be Fairy Tales and Myths. Your favorite horror authors will once again be posing for calendar snaps. I’ve called dibs on “Little Red Cap,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” or whatever you want to call that tale. Look for me in three different poses in the same picture. There will also be a magazine inspired gatefold that is just too awesome to mention right now.6
  • Rounding out the Fairy Tales and Myths for the year, that will also be one of the theme days for the Motor City Comic Con.7 The other two days will be Pin-Ups and Booth Buffaloes, and Obscure Films. Customers who guess the obscure film characters will win something.
  • This year’s Halloween Party will be held on 1 November and will incorporate a Dia de los Muertos theme.
  • The group will soon have a new website. I’ll be sure to let you know when it goes live.

I’ve also been busy cementing my portion of this year’s
Penguicon programming. Like last year, I am in charge of the Literature programming. I think I have firm commitments from about a dozen authors9 and around 20 hours of programming. I can’t wait for Con!

The other big projects, as detailed at the
Dragon’s Roost Press blog is the anthology benefitting canine rescue. As of this writing all of the accepted submissions have been edited. Over the next two day I hope to send out the stories for the authors’ approval along with contracts, payment information, and bios for approval. Once I get the approvals and contracts back we will begin the task of actually putting it together as a book!

That about catches us up. I hope that you have all survived the frigid weather!

1 I don’t do the whole “resolution” thing. As the loyal fans know, every year I resolve not to wear purple polyester pants in public. That way no matter how badly I screw up during the year, I can always hoist a glass on 31 December and say “At least I didn’t wear those fuckin’ pants.”

2 You have to love the phrase “on average.” It allows a certain amount of leeway while still appearing to be a definitive declaration. I might go a month without posting and then drop four posts on the blog in two days. Boom, suddenly I’m back on track.

3 Not that I would do that, of course.

4 Lamb Bones: A hidden benefit of marrying into an Armenian family.

5 The benefit of early training. Make sure the dog’s know that it is OK to be handled when they are eating. It prevents food guarding behavior and also makes it a Hell of a lot easier to take away something toxic should they get into something that they shouldn’t.

6 No, it’s not that.

7 For those who haven’t visited us at MCCC, we usually dress in costume based around a central theme. In the past we have dressed as characters from
Firefly/Serenity, Archer, Death, and the infamous Alice day where we each dressed as a character named Alice. These included Alice from Residential Evil, Alice from American McGee’s Alice in Wonderland video game, Alice from the 70s horror flick Alice, Sweet Alice, and your’s truly as Alice from the Brady Bunch.8

8 The pictures are on-line somewhere.

9 There is always room for more! If you are interested in being a panelist at the convention, e-mail me at