A Change Of Scenery: Sometimes You Want To Go Where Nobody Knows Your Name

With apologies to Cheers and whomever wrote and sang the theme song1, sometimes you want to get away, but not to someplace where you are familiar. Some times you need a total change of scenery. You know, like a vacation or something.

Wait, wait, wait, I can here you saying. How can you take a vacation? Don’t you have to have a job to take a vacation from?

Let me answer that in the classic numbered bullet style:

  1. Fuck you.
  2. I do have a job. I am doing freelance editing and writing work from home. Didn’t you read the last post?
  3. So fuck you.
  4. Sometimes one just needs a change of scenery. You can still be doing all of the same things you would normally do, but you are doing them somewhere fun and exciting.
  5. Besides, The Mrs has been working hard all year and she deserves some time away.

Not on the list, but weighing heavily on my mind, is the recent passing of my Grandmother.
4 So yeah, I did need a little time away from the every day. Fortunately, this need coincided with our already scheduled trip.5

A big thank you to my mom and Dave for allowing us to borrow their Lake House.
6 It is a beautiful, tranquil place. Just the kind of place that one needs when one wants to get away from everything and unwind. This meant that The Mrs spent the bulk of her time watching television programs (on my iPad which I totally lost the use of for the duration of the trip) and quilting. I spent the time writing, reading, and watching hockey.

Wait, how does this differ from the everyday?

Oh, right. Location, location, location.

We brought the dogs up with us and this absolutely terrified me for a number of reasons. I was afraid that something would happen to them like the would slip their leashes and get lost, have a run in with a snake or skunk or something, get washed away by the lake. I was also afraid that they would either wreck the lake house or hate it there.
7 For the most part, these fears were unfounded. Tesla and Titus took to the place without a problem. I expected more hesitation on the part of Tesla, who tends to like things “just so.” I think she has some of my OCD. No worries there. They were both extremely well behaved, perfect manners. They didn’t even seem to mind that they had to be on leashes when they went outside (instead of running free in our fenced yard at home). They loved the walks on the beach (so did The Mrs and I). Titus never went too far into the lake itself, but the big water didn’t bother Tesla. Neither of them went in far enough to actually swim. Neither did either of the humans for that matter.

There was one brief scare when the mighty huntress caught a frog which sprayed something in her mouth. She started to foam at the mouth immediately. We washed her gums and tongue for a good ten minutes and she had no problems.

To be honest, the best part of the trip was walking as a family along the beach.

The Mrs brought up some finished quilts and added batting and backing to them and did the machine quilting. She found the series
Grimm on Amazon on Demand and watched the entire first season.

For my part, I worked some on an editing project that I have (a
paying project!), wrote, and read. I finished one short story, wrote another, wrote a chapter or two in Howl, and started another long piece. It was only after finishing the second short story that I realized that it would work nicely as an introduction to the longer one that I had started. One of the characters in that one will fit nicely in the world of the longer one.

Yay me.

I finished Joe Hill’s
NOS4A2 which I loved. Nature, nurture, whatever. All I can say is that whole King family seems to be quite talented. Speaking of the King family. I read Joe’s father’s latest Joyland and really liked it as well. I will admit that I was a little worried. I didn’t care for King’s other Hard Case Crime release The Colorado Kid, but this one I really liked. In between father and son I read The Blue Blazes by Chuck Wendig. I enjoyed this one as well. If you are not someone who is comfortable with descriptions of violence, then this is not the book for you. The premise, a drug which allows the user to see the supernatural beings around him or her, goblins and other underground types trying to take over New York, and a power struggle in the organized crime family and personal family of the main character, was very well executed. I recommend all three titles.

It is funny how you can do the same thing that you would normally do, but in a different place and it feels completely new.

That about wraps up my tale of our time away. I have completed my editing and writing for the day. If you will excuse me, I have a new book to read.

1 Good luck getting that out of your head now. I will be humming that all night instead of sleeping.

2 Which is better than the theme to
Charles In Charge which is what I woke up with.3

3 Sorry about that.

4 I’m not quite ready to blog about that yet.

5 Because I’m psychic. Or psycho. One of those. I always forget.

6 I’m sorry, I know that they call it “the cabin,” but if I start referring to someplace with three bedrooms (not counting the living space above the 2 car garage), 2 bathrooms (one with a jacuzzi tub), a full kitchen, living room, and a deck that looks out on to Lake Huron as a “cabin” I will have no choice but to start calling my actual house (3 bedrooms, tiny bath with no jacuzzi, one car garage with no living space, smallish kitchen) “The Crapshack.”

7 We brought one of our previous dogs to the lake house and he hated it. I think it was the open floor plan. The living room is two stories high and I think he was scared of the echoes.