ConFusion Schedule

My ConFusion Schedule

This year I will be attending
ConFusion as a panelist for the first time. I received my schedule a few weeks ago, so I thought maybe I should share it with you.1

I’ve organized it by day and time. The third item is not the city I will be in (ya goof), but the room. As you can see, I’ll be on some panels with some incredible people.
4 I will be at the convention all weekend, so feel free to come over and say Hi.

Friday 17:00 Keweenaw

Haven't We Been Here Before?
Many of horror’s early tales originate in New England, the cultural center of early America. This is a trend that has continued throughout the years, with Stephen King and others. Why is New England such an attractive setting for the horrific? What are some other touchstone milieus in America and beyond?

Michael Cieslak, Suzanne Church, Lesley Conner, Joe Hill, Mallory O'Meara

Friday 18:00 Isle Royale
Reading: Michael Cieslak, Lesley Conner, Diana Rowland
Authors read from current or forthcoming works

Michael Cieslak, Lesley Conner, Diana Rowland

Saturday 16:00 St. Clair
Autograph Session (4 PM)
Come meet your favorite authors, artists and musicians and have them sign things! (Please limit your signing requests to 3 items per person.)

Matthew Alan Thyer, Dyrk Ashton, Angela Carina Barry, Mishell Baker, Brandon Black, Elly Blake, Gail Carriger,Suzanne Church, Michael Cieslak, Seleste Delaney, Kate Elliott, Amal El-Mohtar, Janet Harriett, Christian Klaver, Jeffrey Alan Love, Mark Oshiro, Dustin Patrick, Cherie Priest, Adam Rakunas, Jason Sanford, Michael J. Underwood, Brigitte Winter

Sunday 11:00 St. Clair
Making Monsters
Come hear our panelists talk about the ins and outs of creating monsters in media and literature. What goes into crafting a compelling monster? What is the monster's role in stories? What's scarier: to see the monster, or just the idea it?

Mallory O'Meara, Lesley Conner, Michael Cieslak, Angela Carina Barry, Jeffrey Alan Love

  1. In case you wanted to come and visit, or see me speak, or throw tomatoes or something.2
  2. That last bit was a joke. Please leave all rotting fruit and vegetable matter at home.3
  3. Unless said material is fermented and used to make a delicious new alcoholic beverage which you would like me to try. Because that would be awesome and considering who I am speaking with, I might just need a drink or three.
  4. Joe Hill!