A Month of Horror: Day 9

9 October

Movie: Paranormal Activity (series)
Heart Shaped Box

Any good idea can be overdone, once it becomes a success. This is certainly the case with the found footage film. One can only take so much shaky cam before the nausea starts to kick in.1 However, when something is done well, it does not matter who did it first. For my money, the Paranormal Activity movies do the found footage thing quite well. I have been intrigued by some of the ways they have shoehorned the "running the camera all of the time" gag into the successive films. I have seen most of them in the theater, and I consider it money well spent. While the first film is nice and creepy, the child in peril angle of successive films really puts your nerves on end.

It should not come as a shock to anyone that I have quite a collection of odd items in various rooms in my house. There are skulls, photographs from cemeteries, various objects d'art that can, a best, be called "disturbing." Perhaps this is one of the reasons that
Heart Shaped Box holds such a dear place in my heart. The idea of buying an actual ghost via on-line auction is just as alluring as it is frightening. What makes it even better is that not only is the idea a winner, so is the entire book. In lesser hands this could have been a flop. Fortunately for us, the story was brought to life by the brilliant Joe Hill.

1. Do you really want to have to take dramamine before the movie starts?

2. I can only guess how much that would cost at the cineplex concession stand.

3. To be honest, dramamine doesn't do anything for me (my balance center was out of whack before the vestibular neuritis.