Blog Post of Extreme Randomness

In the spirit of trying to post something at least once a week, allow me to foist the following on your eye holes and that mushy thing you think with.

I am a procrastinator. This is not a big secret. Hell, if you have been waiting around for updates on how things (life, Halloween prep, the anthology, what have you) are going you probably figured this out all on your own. My personal problem is that my planning skills are fucking EPIC. Take for example, the mask that I plan on making for the
GLAHW Halloween Party.1 I came up with the idea months ago (like 9 months ago). I sketched out how to do it. I made detailed lists of what I would need. I bought the materials to make the mask...

...and they have been sitting in a bag in the computer room since the end of August.

Well the good news is that I actually pulled that material out and started looking at how the mask, which covers my whole head, needs to be stitched up. It is far from being done, but at least I started it.

“at least I started it.”

See, that’s the problem right there. I start things, then I don’t worry about finishing them because
at least I started them. Then I am scrambling around at the last minute.

To quote Ron White “I told you that story so I could tell you this story.”

There is a book coming out next year that I am super excited about. It is called
Midian Unmade: Tales of Clive Barker’s Nightbreed. It takes up where Cabal (or the movie Nightbreed if you prefer) leaves off. It is being edited by Joe Nassise (who is an awesome writer of amazing fantasy novels) and Del Howison (who is an awesome editor of amazing anthologies) so I am sure that the stories it contains are going to be amazing.

With a huge amount of luck, one of those will be the one I submitted.

But I’m not holding my breath.

This is not me being pessimistic, this is me being realistic. Clive Barker agreed to let people play in his sandbox. Authors could write stories using the characters and settings in
Cabal/Nightbreed. There was no way that I could pass up the opportunity to at least try to get into that. I had a germ of an idea which took a very long time to blossom. I plotted out the story.

Then I sat on it.

I’m not going to lie to you Marge, part of the reason it took me so long to write this was because I was scared. I knew that there were going to be a ton of people interested in the project. I didn’t know how my own work would stack up compared to them. I almost let it go completely. I finally decided that I definitely would not get in if I didn’t try. If I did try, who knows?

So I sat down and wrote my story.

In three days.

One of those days involved sitting with my laptop in the Michigan Theater in between blocks of movies at the Three Corpse Circus film festival. Another, the day the story had to be submitted, saw me churn out 3,500+ words, then turn around and edit the story.

I honestly don’t think I have much of a chance of getting in, but I know that I would be really pissed off at myself if I hadn’t at least tried.

That story was one of a couple that I have submitted in the last week and a half. I have a number of short (and not so short) stories that I wrote during the course of the year which I have not tried to publish yet.

Part of the impetus to publish goes to
Jim Leech, a fellow GLAHWian who suggested that we have a contest to see who submitted the most stories each month. I have some fairly prolific competition, so I know that I won’t win, but I did get pissed off that I just had these stories sitting around on my hard drive. I formulated my submission plans6 and got to work. I’ve got three stories circulating right now. If the Midian one gets rejected I will have to take that out of play, that’s the down side to submitting so such a specific market. The others, if rejected, will be sent out again within a few days.

I also have two pieces which are going to be a little difficult to place. Part of the problem is length. I have some editing to do, but I think that they will both end up around the 7 - 8K mark, the death zone for short fiction. Too long for people looking for short stories, too short for people looking for novellas. I’m thinking of marketing them both together (they are both really weird) and seeing if I can find a publisher interested in putting out a chap book.

Well, I thought this was going to be a lot more random than it turned out to be. Maybe I should change the name to “What I’ve Been Doing On The Writing Front.”

  1. 1 The (SixSix)Sixth Annual Monster Mash for Literacy Food, cash bar, the unveiling of Lilith’s Kiss, I drink I invented last year, dancing, costume contests2, Penny Social3, 50/50 raffle and SO.MUCH.MORE!

2 That reminds me, I have to check on the Boners. That’s the name of the statues we hand out for the winners of each of the costume contest categories: Scariest, Sexiest, Most Original, Funniest, Best Overall. They look like a skeleton. Perv.

  1. 3 The non-PC name is Chinese Auction. You buy tickets and then place them in the container for the prize you want to win. You can load up one prize or spread them out. At the end of the evening we draw one ticket for each prize. In previous years we have had some awesome prizes including autographed copies of books by Dean R. Koontz, Bentley Little, Cherie Priest, items owned by the Manson family (Charles, not Marilyn), gift certificates for tattoos, massages, and dinners, artwork. Awesome stuff, all donated.

  1. 4 Remind anyone of the costume I made for MCCC?

  1. 5 Bad writer. No biscuit.

  1. 6 Submit story X to market 1. If rejected by market 1, submit to market 2. Repeat until published.7

  1. 7 When deciding where to submit I look at the markets, any themes that they may be looking for (for example, my story “The Fetch” has to deal with a baby replaced by fairies so I sent it to an anthology looking to publish dark fairy stories. If that doesn’t work out, there is a magazine looking for the same kind of thing, etc.), and when their deadlines are. I check to make sure that the markets and the editors associated with them seem reputable. I also look at payment. Sorry, but I’m in this to make money as well as express myself so all things being equal I submit to the higher paying markets first.