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I have been spending a lot of time recently discussing material being published by Dragon’s Roost Press, but I have neglected to discuss the publication of my own material. There are two books which have recently been published which I was part of.

For those who missed it, last year was my year of playing in other people’s sandboxes. The first project I was part of was a supplement for the RPG Pugmire. In the game, you play as sentient dogs (and other animals) who live in a society with technology on par with the medieval age after humans have disappeared.


Pan’s Guide for New Pioneers is a supplement for new Pugmire players. There are three portions -- the scenario for new players, new rules for that scenario, and a fictional account of those scenarios from the viewpoint of one of the established characters. I wrote the fiction for the module.

The second recent publication was part of the Collaborative Writer’s Challenge. I was one of a number of authors who participated in a collaborative steampunk novel. Each week two or three authors would write the current chapter and the editors selected the ones they thought fit best.


Army of Brass is now available in paperback and Kindle format.