A Month of Horror: Day 16

16 October

Movie: The Evil Dead/Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (1981/1987)

I'm cheating again and lumping two movies together.1

These are some of my favorite movies. I'm a big Bruce Campbell fan. When I first saw EDII and learned that it was made by a bunch of guys from my area, I had one of those "Hey, if they can do it, so can I" moments. I am not going to argue the merits of each film. They both follow the same basic "cabin in the woods" plot. The first film is a straight up (gore filled) horror movie while the second is horror and over the top comedy mixed together. Many people think of these films and only remember the Three Stooges type laughs. Although a horrible film, at least the remake did try and return to the horror roots of the first movie.
3 If you are looking for scares, I suggest that you go for the first one.

We are all familiar with the Frankenstein story, but how many of us have read the original novel? If your hand is not up right now then you need to participate more. If it isn't up because you haven't read it, stop dicking around on the internet and go get yourself some culture. Shelly's novel is much more nuanced than the film versions you know. There are huge scenes which have never made it to film. I highly recommend you add this to your reading list.

1. Yes, only two. I am not fond of the new remake
2 so it does not get a nod. While Army of Darkness features some horrific elements carried over from the second film and is quite enjoyable, it is more of an action/fantasy movie than horror.

2. Surprise, surprise.

3. If you have an opportunity to take in the stage musical, do so. I've seen small local productions, as well as the original touring cast in Toronto
4. There are some truly inventive scenes and the music is absolutely hilarious. "What the Fuck Was That" will have you roaring and "Do The Necronomicon" just might be the best audience participation dance song since "The Time Warp."

4. Where I sat in "The Splatter Zone" and was drenched with stage blood.