It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s October, which of course means fall colors, cider and donuts, breast cancer awareness1, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, and, of course, horror.

As we prep for Halloween
2, we get to take to occasional break and take some time with our favorite genre. This is the one month of the year where you won’t be looked at sideways if you are driving around with a skeleton in the passenger seat.3

The big question becomes, where can I find this horror of which you speak? Well, this month it’s everywhere, but allow me to highlight a few things.

I was going to include the television shows which will be airing throughout the month of October, but I found that TV Insider beat me to it. Rather than waste my time cutting and pasting, I decided to just link to their
Ultimate Halloween Watchlist for 2016.

What about movies? For the new releases, it’s probably easiest to check out Fandango’s
House of Screams page which has trailers, show times, and other important information. The real fun, however, is searching out the local theaters with special midnight showings of horror classics. If you are in my area, then you have a number of choices including the Main Art Theater, The Redford Theatre, the Michigan Theater, and a few others. In order to make things a little easier on you, I’ve broken the showings down by week. I have also highlighted a few other items of note.

7 - 9 October

Three Stooges Halloween Festival (Redford Theatre) Friday8pm, Saturday 2pm and 8pm.

Spirited Away
5 (Main Art Theater) Friday and Saturday 12 Midnight Friday and Saturday.

13 October
Food, Spirits, & Spirits: A World Awakening (O’Mara’s Irish Pub) 7pm

14 - 16 October

The Haunting (Redford Theatre) Friday 8pm
Theatre Bizarre Masquerade Gala Friday 6:30pm
Theatre Bizarre Saturday 6:30pm
I Drink Your Blood (Main Art Theater) Friday and Saturday 12 Midnight
Shin Godzilla (Main Art Theater) Saturday 12 [also 11 - 13 & 18 7:30]

21 - 23 October

Young Frankenstein (Redford Theatre) Friday 8pm, Saturday 8pm
Halloween Friday and Saturday 12 Midnight
Theatre Bizarre Masquerade Gala Friday 6:30pm
Theatre Bizarre 6:30
Frankenweenie (Michigan Theatre) Saturday 11;30am
Beetlejuice (Redford Theatre) Saturday 2pm
Rocky Horror Picture Show (Michigan Theatre6) Saturday 10pm

27 October

GLAHW presentation at the
Michigan Center for the Book (Library of Michigan) 6:30pm
Nosferatu (Michigan Theatre) Thursday 8pm

28 - 31 October

The Thing (Redford Theatre) Friday 8pm
Rocky Horror Picture Show (Main Art Theater) Friday and Saturday 12 Midnight
Halloween Spooktacular -- Halloween shorts followed by The Raven (Redford Theatre) Saturday 2pm and 8pm
Monster Mash for Literacy Bash IX (VFW Post 922, Berkley, MI) 8pm
The Exorcist (Redford Theater) Saturday 11:30pm
The Lost Boys (Michigan Theatre) Monday 9:30pm

1 Here are links to the
Susan G Komen foundation and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

2 Which is an all year thing for some of us.

3 Well, maybe you won’t be. I sure am.

4 Shout out to Hamish who is buckled in as I write this.

5 Yeah, not really horror, but a damn good movie - #4 on the list of the best films of the 21st Century.

6 Not horror related, but the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor has also devoted much of October to the ‘80s including classics like The Blues Brothers, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Pretty in Pink, and many others.

7 People who don’t read the footnotes won’t know about those films. Their loss but your gain!