One Down, How Many To Go?

Yesterday marked what I am considering the beginning of the Fall appearance season. I have listed the upcoming Dragon’s Roost Press appearances numerous times. I’ve even put up a page so you can find me, should you decide to come looking.

What makes this autumn different from previous years is that I am attending these events not only as a member of the
Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers, but on my own.

The first time I purchased a vendor’s spot on my own was last year’s ZombieCon. Back then I was just selling anthologies which I happened to be in. This year I am out and about selling
Desolation: 21 Tales for Tails. It is a little different, but still a lot of fun.

This weekend I attended the Clawson Arts and Authors Festival as a vendor. The event was a smallish, family friendly affair held on the grounds of the Clawson library. There were about two dozen vendors including a number of authors (like
Peggy Christie who had the spot next to me and was nice enough to watch my table when I went meandering or ran out to the car to get a blanket) and people selling needlework, pottery, and other craft items. Food was supplied by a hot dog cart and popsicle stand. There were two musical groups who struck a nice balance between entertaining and pleasant background music1. There was a face painter and a few members of the 501st.

The crowd was a good mix of young and old. I spoke to a number of nice people, promoted the books I was selling, and provided information about the
Last Day Dog Rescue organization.

Thanks in no small part to a certain stalker/pleasant surprise, I cleared enough to cover the table costs as well as the costs for the remaining events I have scheduled this year. This is a big load off my mind. It also means that every other appearance will be pure gravy.

1 Meaning that they were both good, but never so loud that I had a hard time hearing potential customers.