A Month of Horror: Day 28

28 October

Movie: The Orphanage
Broken Monsters

A woman and her family purchase the titular orphanage where she was raised. Ghostly happenings lead to the disappearance of the woman's son. The hauntings continue while the authorities look for the missing child. The ending of this film is one of the most heartbreaking I have ever seen.

Broken Monsters not only tells a compelling and captivating story from the viewpoints of a number of different interesting and well rounded characters, it is also beautifully written. There were a number of times that I found myself smiling at a particular description of turn of phrase. Lauren Beukes is an amazing writer with the massive toolbox of a true wordsmith.

What is most impressive is that the story moves seamlessly from one point of view to another. Portions of the story are alternately told by the killer, the detective hunting him, her daughter, a homeless person, and a budding YouTube reporter. Each character has their own stories as well. The reader learns about the difficulties of being a woman and a minority in the Homicide division as well as the worries about being a good parent. The daughter's school life, the secret her best friend has kept hidden, and the dangerous game they play with an online predator are just as compelling as the murder which needs to be solved. It is fascinating to see how all of the disparate plot threads are woven into one whole.

Then, of course, there is the killer's descent into madness. Without giving anything away, the reader has to determine if there is a supernatural element to the story of not.