Fine! We'll Do It ON-LINE!

As we enter what feels like the 27th month of 2020, we have to do what we can to try get by. At this point, our convention schedule is still up in the air.1 Like last year, it is difficult to gauge what kind of gatherings will be permitted and which will be good ideas, depending on the size of the crowds, the location, and of course our old friend the novel Corona virus.

But are we going to let that stop us? Hell no! There are some potential convention on the
Stalk Me Here Page which we are hoping to attend. One which I will definitely be appearing at is CapriCon, which will be held virtually. Click on the link for more information and to register.

My schedule:

Thursday 4 Feb 18:30 Birch
Reading — No sure what I will be reading, but I’ll try to make it something fun.

Saturday 6 Feb 09:00 Ravina
In the Tender, Spike-Covered Embrace of the Darkness
Horror writing provides shock and wonder. It terrifies us and make us look into the darkness of ourselves. Our panelists talk about why they are drawn to horror, and the ways it provides its own kind of escape from the horrors of the everyday AND makes us contemplate those horrors to better understand them.2

Saturday 6 Feb 16:00 Birch
The Light Side of the Darkness
What is the role of horror and dark speculative fiction in a world beset by social strife, political upheaval, and a pandemic? Is there still a market for the darker side of literature in these times?3

1 Waaaaay up in the air. If it was any higher they would need supplemental oxygen.

2 This panel will explore the horror genre from the fan perspective.

3 This was one of my suggestions.