I Got Poked

I’m no stranger to needles.

I’ve been getting allergy shots for forever.

I used to work in the medical field where a major portion of my job was putting really big needles into people all day long.
1 In fact, I used to routinely draw my own blood.2

Long and short of it, I’m ok with needles. Heck, I even look forward to my allergy shots because it means that relief from my symptoms.
3 That being said, I have never looked forward to a shot more than the COVID vaccination.

I received my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, administered by The Mrs,
4 this week. While I know that we are still a long way from returning to normal, this little poke means that I’m just a little bit closer.

1 The larger the gauge of the needle, the smaller it is. 21-gauge needles are commonly used for blood draws while blood donation uses 16-gauge. I used to use 15s.

2 This was done at work, where the staff had to be tested on an annual basis. One time I was in my doctor’s office and the med tech was backed up so I volunteered to draw my own labs. It wasn’t until after I had tied off my arm, drawn the blood, applied a bandage, and was in my car that I realized how that must have looked.

3 I’ve grown fond of breathing.

4 Natch