Battery Recharge Complete

It’s been two days since I got home from StokerCon1. I spent the bulk of those days lying about and watching YouTube videos.

I am absolutely exhausted.

Part of this is from the crazy schedule which has me spending any time not at the day job at a convention or a bookstore appearance.
2 Part of this is from the stupid allergies which have turned into some kind of weird upper respiratory thing.3 Part of it is from the simple fact that I’m not the young person who could stay up all night and then function properly the next day.


All of this leads to the simple question, why go to all of these conventions?

Because I am also exhilarated. And energized.

One of the downsides, as mentioned numerous times before, to being a solo, introverted, creative type, is the isolation that comes from working inside a bubble. It is important to remember that we are all members of a wonderful community. As
Jonathan Maberry said in his introduction before the actual award ceremony, horror writers form more than just a community. We’re a family.4

In all seriousness, it is incredibly invigorating to be around so many wonderfully creative people. Many were old friends that I get to see far to rarely. Others were people I had published or worked with, but had never met in the meat world.
5 Another amazing benefit of the various conventions I have been attending has been the chance to hear authors reading their own works.6 There’s nothing quite like being able to have the creator read their work aloud. If you have not experienced this, I highly recommend you check out your local bookstores, libraries, and of course, conventions for the opportunity to do so. It is a great way to find new favorite authors.

Being in the same room with up and coming authors, established authors, and people I have looked up to for years has certainly changed how I look at my life. It is easy, especially when living inside your own bubble of struggle, day job, and housework, to forget what a rare and exceptional thing it is to be a creator of worlds.

Thank you to all who spent the weekend with me, who shared a drink, or a laugh, or commiserated about some aspect of publishing. Thank you to everyone in the Vendor’s Room for accepting our little press among you. Special thanks to
Peggy Christie for working the Dragon’s Roost Press tables with me. Thank you to the Horror Writer’s Association for the wonderful weekend. Thank you to the Amway Grand Plaza for being such gracious hosts.7 Thank you to fellow panelists J.L. Gribble, Norman Prentiss, J.D. Barker, and April Grey. Thank you to Gwendolyn Kiste and Valerie B. Williams who shared the reading block with me. Sorry about the voice! Finally, congratulations to all of the nominees and winners, especially Gwendolyn Kiste (who, as mentioned, I shared reading time with) and Eric J Guignard whose work appeared in Hidden Menagerie Vol 2.

1 The third of my four weekend in a row appearance schedule.

2 Which, don’t get me wrong, is awesome.

3 For which I have been given a steroid inhaler. The coughing is lessening. This is a good thing.

4 And nothing bad ever happens when family gets together, right?

5 In fact, I had quite a number of people who had appeared in various Dragon’s Roost Publications come find me. This was the highlight of my weekend.

6 2019 is quickly becoming the Year of Reading Books I Discovered at Conventions. So far every one has been A-MAZ-ING.

7 My room was STUNNING!