September 2017

Special Deal on Maiden's Courage

ARRRRGH! Avast ya’ mateys.

In honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, the Kindle version of Mary Lynne Gibbs’
The Maiden’s Courage is half off now through Thursday. Head over to Amazon and pick up your copy now!

The Scriptorium

There is a new bookstore in town, and it’s name is The Scriptorium.

A new bookshop opened in Troy and we at Dragon’s Roost Press could not be happier. The owners have a strong commitment to introducing people to local authors. They also have a number of amazing programs in place for readers and writers (click on the link above for more details).

Before you ask, yes most of the Dragon’s Roost Press catalog is available for purchase at the store.

Submissions Are Closed

Submissions for our current anthology are currently closed. We will be announcing our final TOC soon. Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming Kickstarter featuring numerous exciting titles from DRP.