September 2013

Four More Spaces Have Been Filled

Dragon’s Roost Press is pleased to announce the addition of the following stories to our line-up for the canine rescue anthology:

“Belongings” by Abra Staffin-Wiebe
“Follow the Music” by Sharon King
“Government Waste” by J. S. Bell
“Plastic Lazarus” by Raymond Little

The Submissions Are Rolling In

I am amazed at the number and quality of the submissions which have been flooding the submissions e-mail address. It has been absolutely heartbreaking to have to reject some of the brilliant stories which I have had the good fortune to read.

On a happier note, five spots have been filled so far. The as yet untitled anthology will feature:

“Silence” by Dawn Napier

“Deleted” by Kenneth Goldman

“Beautiful Libby” by Christopher Nadeau

“Lords of Dust” by Gustavo Bondoni

“Every Weeknight at Seven and Seven-Thirty” by Kurt Fawver

Another thing which has floored me has been where the submissions have been coming from. I mean, I know that the whole world is connected and everything, but look at this. I’ve gotten stories from

New Jersey
New York
South Carolina

As well as

England/United Kingdom
New Zealand

There have been way more submissions than locations listed here since I have gotten multiple subs from the same places. For example, I have as many submissions from Sweden as I do Michigan!

The Contibutions Are Rolling In

Just a quick note to thank those who have donated funds to our crowdsourcing campaign on Indiegogo.

Thank you for bringing the anthology for canine rescue that much closer to completion:

Anonymous Donor

Ariel Vida

Annette Vida

Guidelines Are Important!

Please take careful note of the guidelines and read them all the way through before submitting. We have received some submissions which have missed some of the key aspects of the anthology. We have attempted to highlight them, but it does not hurt to repeat them here.

  • This is a themed anthology. All of the stories which will be published in this collection must deal with themes of isolation, abandonment, loneliness, or solitude. Our intent is to draw attention to one of the benefits of adopting animals -- the companionship they provide -- by featuring stories which discuss the absence of this companionship. Stories which fail to include this element will not make the final cut.
  • While the goal of the anthology is to raise money for canine rescue, submissions do not have to include dogs or any other animal for that matter. Inclusion of canines is heartwarming, but is not an acceptable substitution for the theme we are exploring.
  • Stories which feature animal abuse or the abuse of children will not be included in this anthology.
  • Submissions must be formatted professionally. If you are unfamiliar with standard formatting, please refer to this page. Shunn provides the perfect example of how we want our stories to be formatted. We don’t do this to be jerks. Having uniform formatting makes it easier for us to read submissions, to refer back to them if we have questions, and should the story be accepted, to format it for publication.

Let The Crowdsourcing Begin!

The Dragon’s Roost Press has set up a crowdsourcing campaign on Indiegogo.

You should definitely check out the video, as it features numerous pictures of our own rescues, Tesla and Titus.

Also, it was very difficult for us to do this, as the voice-over required numerous takes. We really don’t care for the sound of our own voices. having to rerecord certain portions over and over was an absolute nightmare.

We are hoping to raise money to offset publication costs, pay for promotional materials, and to increase the pay rate for our authors to a professional five cents per word. Please help us spread the word. Tell your family, your friends, your enemies (if you can trick them into thinking that supporting us would piss you off), your neighbors, the dog lovers in your life. Every little bit counts.

Click here to view the Indiegogo campaign.

We Have A Facebook

Dragon’s Roost Press now has its own Facebook page. There is also a page specifically for the anthology we are putting together to raise funds for canine rescue. Keep an eye open there for some interesting announcements!

Dragon’s Roost Press on Facebook

The Facebook page for the Anthology