Another Donor Perk Announced

We are down to a little more than two weeks left for our crowd sourcing campaign at Indiegogo. In order to spice things up a little (and, to be honest, because we are a bit stuck here) we have added another donation perk. For the low, low price of only $10 you have the opportunity to suggest a name for the current project. Yes, that’s right! The currently untitled anthology to benefit canine rescue is in desperate need of a title. We can’t very well just call it The Untitled Anthology to Benefit Canine Resuce (or can we?).

Here is what you do. Go over to our Indiegogo campaign and click on the $10 “Name the Anthology” perk. Once you have completed your payment information and such, email us at Put Title in the subject line of your e-mail. Put your suggested title in the body of the e-mail. Sounds easy, right?

What kind of title should I suggest?

Anything that comes to mind! Clever, catchy, thought provoking are all good. Obscure, off-putting, and vulgar, not so much. Keep in mind that a portion of the proceeds of all sales will fund canine rescue, so you might want to have something related to dogs, but that’s not a requirement. You might also wish to remember that all of the stories in the anthology explore themes of isolation, abandonment, and loneliness. If you can figure out a way to make those topics sound uplifting and “must-readish” go to town.

How long should the title be?

As long or as short as it needs to be. One would expect it to be three to five words or so. A quick glance around the library shows that this is a good average length.

Does the title have to be about dogs, isolation, or any of that other rubbish that you mention before?

No, but it might help you case. We do reserve the right to tack on something along the lines of “an anthology to benefit canine rescue,” so you can probably leave that bit out if you like.

Can it be funny?

Of course!

Does it have to be funny?


Can I suggest more than one title?

You certainly can. Of course each suggestion should be accompanied by a $10 donation. If you want to donate $100 and then send one e-mail with ten suggestions that it just fine by us.

Can I send you a list of titles and then pay you if you pick mine?

Um, no. That rather defeats the purpose. We are doing this as a fun fund raising thing, you see. The goal is to raise funds.

What are these funds for?

Oh for potty’s sake, you’re kidding, right? The funds will go to off set production costs of the anthology. For full information, read the information and/or watch the video on the Indiegogo site.

Do you honestly think that someone will ask that question or was that just an excuse to put the link to the crowdsourcing thing in again?

The fact that I put the link into your question should serve as an answer to that one.

In all seriousness, you are going to select the title from one of the suggestions?

Yes we are.



No, seriously?

If you choose my title, what kind of reward do I get?

You mean other than the warm glow you get from knowing that you are helping save puppies?

Well, now I feel like kind of a douche canoe, but yeah, besides that?

We will give you credit for the title in both the book and on our various on-line presences. There will probably also be some non-monetary rewards as well.

Like gold?

We were thinking more along the lines of DRP merchandise. Sorry about that.

Will this count as a publishing credit towards my entrance into the professional writing institution of my choice?

I rather doubt it.

While we are at it, we should probably state that the winning title becomes the property of DRP to be used for this anthology (not that that will stop you from using it as the title of your own book. You can’t copyright titles. We would just ask that you don’t use it as the title of an anthology along the vein of what we are doing here). E-mails must be received by the end of the crowdsourcing campaign, 2 November 2013. The winning title will be announced 1 December 2013. Dragon’s Roost Press takes no responsibility for entries which are lost, not received, or duplicates. In the event of identical titles, all those who suggested the title will be given credit (so keep it to yourself!)

This Anthology Is Filling Up Quickly

We are pleased to announce two more short stories that will appear in the upcoming anthology:

“Every Act of Creation” by Rich Larson
“Misty Hills of Dreamer Sheep” by David Hayes

Thanks for the Help!

With apologies to our donors, we’ve been rather bad at recognizing you here on the website. We would like to thank the following for their generous donations:

Peter Barber
Bert Cieslak
David Hayes
Sara Gale
Michele Dixon