November 2016

Sex, Gore, and Millipedes

Dragon’s Roost Press is proud to announce the planned publication of Sex, Gore, and Millipedes a collection of short fiction from horror author Ken MacGregor.

Ken MacGregor, known for pushing boundaries in horror, for shoving the reader outside of their comfort zone, has finally gone too far. SEX, GORE and MILLIPEDES is a collection of the sickest stuff you've ever read. This book will hit your triggers. Hopefully, all of them. You've been warned.

DRP Title Progess

November is finally here! The leaves are turning colors, there is a crisp turn in the weather, and we here at DRP are finally able to return to our projects.

Yes, Halloween and all of its associated celebrations and responsibilities have passed and we’ve done what we think is our final convention appearance of the year. That means we can get back to work on our upcoming publications. We are in the final formatting stage of the Jericho novels by Mary Lynne Gibbs. Then it will be on to the formatting of the re-release of Peggy Christie’s
Hell Hath No Fury. Look for both books to be published in time for end of the year holiday shopping.

Books make great gifts and they are so easy to wrap!

We have some exciting things planned for 2017 as well. Look for submission information for our next anthology after the first of the year (we’re not going to spoil anything, but perspective authors might want to start brushing up on their cryptids).

We are also extremely excited to announce another publication slated for 2017, but for information on that, you are going to have to click