Submissions Closed

As of 1:00 pm today, submissions for the Untitled Anthology to Benefit Canine Rescue have officially closed. We have 21 amazing stores that we can’t wait to show off to you.

We received a total of 127 submissions from 33 states and 13 foreign countries. We were all a little amazed when we sat down and figured that out.

Thank to everyone who submitted with apologies to those who will not be featured. We received a lot of great stories which, for one reason or another, just didn’t quite have what we were looking for this time around.

We would also like to thank all of our supporters and well wishers. Keep your eyes peeled for more details as the editing and formatting process begins!

The Final Accepted Stories

There have ben a number of acceptance sent out since our last update. Congratulations to the following authors:

“To Rest” by Melissa Mead
“Busting Faces” by Charles Payseur
“Affection, Inconceivable” by Sierra July
“Hunger” by Alexandra Grunberg
“Alpha” by Tory Hoke
“Robodog” by Camile Griep
“The Murder in the Steel Skeletons” by Gerri Leen
“Ghosts in the Gaslight” by Andrew Knighton
“Camp Miskatonic” by Lillian Csernica
“Aphrastos” by Calie Voorhis

Almost Full!

The submissions have been pouring in and they have been amazing. We are coming very close to our cut-off word count. By our estimation we will only be accepting two or three more short stories.

If you have been holding off on sending something in, stop. Get it to our submission address ASAP.

Funds Have Been Raised

I would just like to take a moment to thank everyone who helped with the Indigogo campaign to raise fund for our upcoming anthology. Many of you took the time to spread the word in person, on Facebook, and elsewhere electronically. While we did not reach our goal, we have made enough to continue to press on with our publication plans.

Special thanks go to all of you who supported the project financially. I will be contacting you individually later in the year with the specifics regarding the various donor rewards.

We currently have 14 stories accepted for the anthology. It is quite an eclectic mix of fiction, but I think you will enjoy all of them. I suspect that we will probably be accepting 6 or 7 more to round us out to a nice respectable size. Given that math we are about 2/3 of the full, which is not bad considering we still have a little less than two months to go in our submission period.

Keep watching the website and the Facebook page for further information regarding the anthology.

Thank you again for your support.