SGM Excerpt 4

Impure Breed

The beast was clawing at the car now, leaving furrows in the steel. Niles could see the cops split up; Officer Hardy around the front of the cruiser, Officer James around back. They both shot the creature, but it didn’t seem to care. It just kept trying to get to him. The passenger side of the car was caving in and the bulletproof glass was a wild network of cracks. The cops but a few more bullets in the pink monster. The roof of the cruiser began to give, the reinforced frame bending under the onslaught.

Hell Hath No Fury Excerpt 3

Family Time:

"Gerald Anton Bennington, how many times do I have to tell you not to take the Lord's name in vain?"
Gerry doubled over, wheezing and trying to reclaim some oxygen so he could respond. She took this chance and grabbed the remaining patch of hair on his balding head and pulled up. Raising her leg, Gram slammed Gerry's head down until she felt the cartilage of his nose crack against her knee cap. That forced the air back into his lungs and he screamed.
"Dammit, mom. Fuck!"
As blood poured down his face, Gram folded her arms across her chest.
"Now, are you going to tell me what's bothering you or do I have to pull out my scrotal clamps?"

All Good Things...

We’ve been enjoying giving you all little glimpses in to the recent Dragon’s Roost Publications, but, as they say, all good things must come to an end. We will be opening for submissions at the end of this week, which means we will be turning this channel over to it’s normal broadcast signal.

Don’t worry, our plan is to finish out this week with our usual daily excerpts from
Jericho Rising, Jericho’s Redemption, Hell Hath No Fury, and Sex, Gore & Millipedes and then finish the month with a Memorial Day Extravaganza featuring snippets from all three authors.

We may return to our preview schedule at a later date, but we want to make sure that authors who have submitted, or who plan to submit (as well as those who are just interested in the progress of our upcoming anthology) are able to keep track of its progress.

Also, we will be running a Kickstarter campaign to help offset the publication costs. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know when that goes live.

Until then, enjoy the previews!

Jericho Rising Excerpt 2

Jericho Rising

The High Priestess lounged on a plush couch, alone in her suite. She trailed a hand down her black velvet evening gown, tied at the waist with a braided gold cord, and smiled, letting out a sigh. She picked up a plump strawberry from a silver tray that sat on a small table next to her couch and took a bite, chewing it as she stared off into her own little world. She seemed oblivious to the multiple battles that raged both inside and outside of her fortress.
I moved into the doorway with my weapon, my boot dagger—which, amazingly, hadn’t been confiscated—at the ready. “Hello, Mother,” I said.

SGM Excerpt 3

Sex, Gore, & Millipedes

From “Starter Home”

Ben and Leeza went quiet. They looked at him, at each other. This guy was nuts. Tears fell from Ben’s eyes. His hand throbbed hotly.
“Go ... away.”
“Oh, for fuck’s sake, Benjamin,” Manny said. “Is that the best you can do? I just put drywall screws through your hands. Where’s your fire, boy? Rage against me. Cuss at me at least, son.”
He looked at the floor.
“I can’t. I promised.”
Manny shrugged.
“I do love a challenge.”
Saliva hung in a strand from Ben’s lip. Snot bubbled in one nostril. He glared at Manny.
“I hate you.”
“I know. But, you’re gonna hate me a lot more pretty soon.”

Hell Hath No Fury Excerpt 2

A Rose by Any Other Name

The shock on his face made Rose howl with laughter. She pulled his chair away from the window and his face relaxed. Unfortunately for him, she was only moving him back so she could take another run at the window with him. She charged forward and this time, a huge chunk of glass blew out of the window and spiraled down twelve floors to the street.
A crisp cool breeze wafted through the hole in the window. She pushed her boss and his chair to the side. Closing her eyes she let the soft wind blow through her hair and dry the sweat on her face. A peaceful calm washed over her. She turned to her boss.
"It's time for you to go now, Mr. Charles."

Submission Guidelines Coming Soon

I’ve noticed a significant uptick in the number of hits for the Dragon’s Roost Submission page. Don’t worry, we will be asking for submissions soon. There is one more project that we need to complete first. Look for the new guidelines around the end of the month and thanks for your interest!

Jericho's Redemption Excerpt 1

Jerchio’s Redemption

The Obsidian camp lay in ruin. Glass from the windows, wood from the doors and furniture, and scraps of clothing were strewn all over the courtyard. Missing, thankfully, from the scene were the bodies of my friends and clan members. No blood either, as far as I could tell. It should have made me feel better, but it didn’t. A whole bunch of other grisly possibilities swirled around in my head instead.

SGM Excerpt 2

From “Bed Bugs”

She screamed in pleasure as she rode out his orgasm with her own.
Finally, he stopped moving. She could feel him go limp inside her, and she slid off. Staggering on wobbly legs, she took a long pull from the canteen.
“I gotta tell you, Sean, I initially regretted bringing you along on this trip, but I think I may be changing my mind.”
She laughed and glanced over her shoulder at him. He wasn’t moving. He wasn’t breathing.
“Shit. I killed him.”

Hell Hath No Fury Excerpt 1

Another Day in Paradise

Luke turned to Miz Morse, flicking a finger in her direction. A pair of thick steel shackles enveloped her wrists. Before she could squeak out a response, he conjured another pair for her ankles. With a third movement, he secured the shackles to the wall, leaving the woman to hang, thrashing in anger.
"What is this? I demand to see the manager!"
In a flash he crushed his body against hers, their noses touching. He breathed sulfur into her open mouth.
"I am the manager. I am the manager, the director, the social chair, the caretaker, the boss. I am legion."

Jericho Rising Excerpt 1

Jericho Rising

Nearly every nation suffered profound loss, their landscapes bathed in blood. Many smaller towns throughout the United States experienced a mass exodus as the survivors moved to more populated areas seeking security, shelter, and food. A few brave souls chose to stay behind and struggled to maintain their ways of life.

In rural Lower Michigan, one disturbed woman took advantage of these circumstances. She made it her mission to twist her little part of the world into what she considered her own utopia. A perfect world in her eyes, where women ruled and men were nothing but slaves, pets, and playthings who had no rights and no voice. In this new world, hate replaced love and fear replaced peace.
A new Dark Age began as the self-proclaimed “High Priestess” ruled over all. If anyone dared to oppose her, they were taken into custody by her female guards and their wills broken with torture—or death.
Five years after it began, one young woman decided enough was enough. This woman believed that everyone—male and female alike—deserved the freedom that was stolen after the First War. One night, along with a small band of like-minded friends, this young woman led a rebellion that would ultimately become the Second War. This rebellion set off a chain of events that would alter history once more.
I was that young woman. My name is Jericho. This is my story.

SGM Excerpt 1

Sex, Gore, & Millipedes

From “Appetites”

“You drugged me” she said. Her eyes glazed, and her head dipped forward as if she couldn’t stay awake.
“It’s okay. Don’t worry. You’re just fine. In fact, you’re perfect. I have something to tell you, Michelle. Something you said the other day made me think of this, and I think it’s pretty funny. Ready? I like my women like my coffee: ground up and in the freezer. Get it? I’m quite proud of that. I’m not usually funny.”


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