RavenCon Schedule Released

I've posted my RavenCon scheduled over at They Napalmed My Shrubbery This Morning. Click here for all of the details.

Kazoo Books Appearance

I have been invited to speak to the wonderful people of Kalamzoo by Kazoo books. Come out and meet the writers groups and hear about small press publishing, dark speculative fiction, and anything else that comes up!

"A mingling, networking, hors d’oeuvre-devouring evening featuring Michael Cieslak, editor at the Dragon’s Roost Press.
Looking to join or form a new writers group? To learn about small press publishing? Or just interested in the region’s speculative fiction scene? Stop in.
We’re hoping to have a couple new writers groups come together at this event. Reps from  active groups will be on hand to answer questions; so will Michael, and he’ll talk about Dragon’s Roost, their latest anthologies, and the nuts & bolts of small press publishing.
This marks the beginning of this year’s Independent Bookstore Day celebration. Mingling starts at 6pm; Michael speaks around 7."