Cryptids We've Said Yes To

The Following is a list of cryptids about which we have already accepted stories. We will update this list throughout the submission period.

Abominable Snowman





Lake Monster

Man Eating Tree



Mokele-mbembe/Ninki Nanka

Mongolian Death Worm

Old Yellow Top

Ozark Howler






A Few Observations Regarding Hidden Animals

We are entering our fourth week of the submission period and we are already getting close to having enough material for our new project. If you are thinking about submitting something, please don’t delay.

We are also toying with the idea of changing the format a little. Rather than publishing one book, we are exploring the idea of publishing two separate titles, Flora and Fauna. This may just be a division that we make with one book, depending upon the number of submissions we receive. However, if you would like to increase your chances of acceptance, you might think along the lines of a
plant based cryptids (such as the moss man or the Leshy). We have already accepted a number of man-eating-tree stories, so these will be a tough sell.

Please follow the submission guidelines. Submissions
must be sent as an attachment. This allows us to read the material blind and not be influenced by material which may be found in the e-mail.

Remember that we are looking for new takes or spins on standard legends, not just a rehash of material you can find on-line. Some of our best material so far has either provided a new look at an old creature or included a blend of the story and the story-tellers.

Finally, please direct all inquiries you may have to to insure prompt response. E-mails sent to other addresses may not be seen for weeks at a time.


We have been inundated with submissions, many more than we anticipated so early. While we are still playing catch up, we would like to acknowledge the following authors whose works have been accepted for our current project:

“An Unusual Pet” by Matt Hayward

“An Exchange of Fear” by Lynn Rushlau

“From a Laptop in the Jungle” by Erik Goldsmith

“Hellhound” by Sarah Doebereiner

“Iceheart” by Sarah Hans

“Moonlight Forest” by Soumya Sundar Mukherjee

“O Christmas Tree” by Gregory L. Norris

“Please Don't Feed The Howler” by Frances Pauli

“Spider” by A. Collingwood

“The Anna Doria” by Ellen Denton

“The Ghost Tree” by Sharon Diane King

“The Keystone State” by Paul Stansfield

“Two Yurts” by Dale L. Sproule

“Wake” by Jennie Brass

“You Will Be Laid Low Even at the Sight of Him” by Kevin Wetmore

Submissions are Now Open

Submissions are now open for our new anthology. Click here for details.

A List of Cryptozoological Websites

In conjunction with the announcement of open submissions for our new anthology, we have provided the following list of websites which list various cryptozoological entities. This list is by no means all inclusive and should just be seen as a jumping off point.

Exploring Life’s Mysteries