Creepy News (Not In The Good Way)

Yesterday we discovered that someone had made Desolation: 21 Tales for Tails available for download for free. If the first words which pop into your head are "Piracy!" and "Copyright Infringement!" you are a better person than I am. The first words which popped into my head were ones I am too polite to repeat here.

The issue has been addressed and hopefully resolved. To find out more, check
this post over at They Napalmed My Shrubbery This Morning.

I would like to ask all of you to do us a favor. If you should happen to come across a website which is offering the anthology for free, please contact us. Odds are this is not something which has been cleared with the editorial staff here at DRP. If we do any free promotions, they will be through Smashwords, using a coupon code. Any direct downloads from sites other than legitimate retailers (Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks) are not authorized by us. This means that we are getting no revenue from these sales and the Last Day Dog Rescue organization is also being denied their donations.

If you come across any websites offer
Desolation: 21 Tales for Tails as a free download, please shoot us an e-mail at We would appreciate it.

Also, if you really like a book, you should pay for it. Or get it from the library.

We Were So Close

We are very pleased to announce our first quarter sale for Desolation: 21 Tales for Tales. Between personal appearances like convention sales, sales on Amazon, and digital sales on Smashwords, we have sold 22 copies of the anthology.

Yeah, it would have been cool if we had sold 21 copies, given the title, but we are not going to be upset with higher sales.

We haven’t figured out how to figure out exactly which countries have produced sales. There is probably some kind of way to determine this, but we’re still playing around with the analytics.

What we can tell you is that we had one sale in Euros, two in Pounds Sterling, one in Australian Dollars, and the rest in United States currency.

While this is very exciting, what really has us over the moon is that this means that in three months we raised almost $100 for the Last Day Dog Rescue Organization.