February 2014

Another Quick Update

As of this writing we have received all of the story edits and bios for the anthology. We are just waiting on one contract which was sent out, mangled by the postal service, and returned to the sender. Perhaps even more exciting (at least as far as the contributors are concerned) is that by the time that this is posted, all of the payments will have been sent as well.

Wow. I honestly never thought that I would be someone paying authors. It is a really amazing feeling.

We have what we feel is a strong order for the various stories which groups them loosely by similar content. Naturally, all of the stories do share some stylistic and thematic aspects since
Desolation: 21 Tales for Tails is a themed anthology. However, some of the stories share common elements. For example, there are a few which feature dogs, others set in space, a few with a post apocalyptic setting.

We went back and forth on this, wondering if having four stories which are kind of but not really alike back to back (to back to back) would take away from any of them individually. After looking over the submissions, we decided that there was no reason to worry about this. Each of the stories is so strong on its own that this will not be a problem.

We have also done our best to alternate the lighter stories with the darker ones. Yes, despite the focus of the anthology there are some happy endings to look forward to.

Now that the stories have a definitive order we can actually formulate a Table of Contents. There are some things that we will need to write on our end (the introduction, information about Dragon’s Roost Press and the Last Day Dog Rescue, stuff like that).

Then we move forward with the actual publication process!