Happy New Year

Happy New Year from The Dragon’s Roost Press!

Look for big things from us in 2014!

Where Do Things Stand?

I realize that it has been a little while since I provided anyone with an update regarding what is going on with the anthology. I am very sorry about that. Things have been a bit busy over at The Dragon’s Roost lately. If you are interested in all of the details, check out this post. The short version is that there have been some personal things which were fun but took up time (including prep work) some holiday related things which were fun but took up time (including prep work), some appearances with the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers which were fun but took up time (including lots of prep work), and some illnesses which were not fun (and required no prep work) but took up quite a bit of time.

Long story short (too late), there has not been a lot of time to devote to the anthology lately.

The good news is that there is an extended stretch of free time on the horizon. With the exception of some holiday appearances, there is not a whole lot on the calendar. With any luck we will be back on track soon.

What that means, in terms of actual actions, is that we will be spending the remainder of the year reading over each of the submissions from an editorial point of view. Most of them are ready to go just as they are, but everyone makes the occasional mistake. No one is perfect, but it is the job of the editor to make it look like they are.

It’s magnifying glass and fine tooth comb time.

We printed up each story earlier in the week. If you check the Facebook page for the
anthology or the Dragon’s Roost Press page you can see a couple of pictures of what the stack of stories looks like. It is pretty impressive. Actually, it is pretty and impressive as well.

When you look at those pictures, keep in mind that the final book will be much thinner than that stack. The stories were printed double spaced and only on one side of the page to make the editing easier.

Still, it does make for a nice image.

Our goal is to go through all of the stories before we contact anyone. We don’t want to get bogged down in any back and forth that may arise before we have a chance to look at everything. Once we have made our way through all of the material we will contact the authors to discuss the changes (if any) which we feel should be made. Bear in mind that we have already read each of these wonderful stories multiple times and do not plan on proposing any major changes. If there is any editing to be done, it is in the realm of punctuation and spelling clarification.

We will also be changing spellings to match preferred American spellings, even though we are all Anglophiles who prefer grey with an e over gray with an a. This is just for the sake of consistency.

Another reason that we printed up each story was so that we can start to get some idea of how the anthology itself should be put together. There are some stories which, while wildly different, do share similar topics. As we go through them we will be trying to determine if these should be placed together or interspaced throughout the book. For example, should all of the stories with dogs be put together? Should there be a dog section and a robot section and so on? What happens with the stories that fall outside of these categories (as most probably will)?

We want to make sure that there is a certain degree of flow to the book. The best albums (yes, albums) work to build a story, each song flowing naturally from the one before. We would like to accomplish something along those lines. What we do not want is any jarring as the reader moves from one story to the next. Yes, each author has a distinct writing style. Yes, the submissions span the gamut of genres including science fiction, fantasy, horror, bizarrro, and some we don’t know how to categorize. Putting them all together to form a cohesive whole might take a little while.

Or we could just be overthinking the whole thing. Who knows?

Along with the final copies of each story, the author will also receive what we have as their bio. If they want to make any changes, additions, subtractions, what have you, this will be the time. The final thing that will be included with each e-mail is the all important contract. This will reiterate the rights that we are paying for, specify when the rights will revert back to the authors (immediately upon publication), and the whole payment thing.

Trust me, authors like to know about the payment thing. Being paid is a good thing.

When those e-mails go out, we will also be verifying
how the authors will be receiving their payments. Hopefully most if not all will be amicable to PayPal as that really is the easiest, especially considering the number of different countries the payments will be going to!

After that we have the fun and exciting task of formatting, uploading, printing, and all of that. Cover art needs to be acquired. The shirts for the donors need to be designed and printed. Don’t worry, all of you great people who donated to the crowd sourcing campaign. We haven’t forgotten about you!

The other thing that is looming over our heads is the whole issue of a title. I was really hoping for at least one suggestion from the previously mentioned crowd sourcing campaign. If anyone has any great ideas with regards to a title for this anthology, feel free to e-mail them in. Otherwise we are going to be forced to come up with something here. We will try to be clever and end up going with something that isn’t quite what we wanted…

So, that is what we are working on here and what we have planned for the immediate future. We will have a progress update after the first of the year. Until then, have a happy whatever holiday you choose to observe. We hope you are surrounded by loved ones of both the two and four footed variety.

Have a peaceful and prosperous New Year.