Thank You!

Dragon’s Roost Press would like to thank everyone who made our recent Kickstarter Campaign a success. We will be sending out Backer Surveys within a few weeks. Meanwhile, we will be hard at work on the anthology.

Thank you again!


The Kickstarter Campaign is a success! Click here to read our latest post.

Seven Days!

There is only one week left to back the latest Dragon’s Roost Press Kickstarter campaign. You still have a chance to pick up some great rewards including paperbacks, e-books, tee shirts, drink ware, and more.

Monsters in Spaaaace! is almost ready to go to print. Help us give our authors a professional wage for their work.

The Kickstarter is Half Over

We are moving right along with our current crowd sourcing campaign is currently half over, but there is still plenty of time to participate.

In case you missed it, we will be publishing a collection entitled
Monsters in Spaaaace! featuring some amazing stories (and one poem!) which place classic monsters like vampires and werewolves in a sci-fi setting. To read the latest backer update, click here.

For complete information on the crowdsourcing campaign and to get in on those sweet rewards, visit the main Kickstarter page

Another Appearance Added

We are pleased to announce that Dragon's Roost Press will be at the Festival of Oddities held in Lansing, MI, 7 Sept 2019. For further information, click here.