Desolation 21: Tales for Tails Is Available NOW!

Dragon’s Roost Press is pleased to announce that our first publication is now available for sale in both paperback and Kindle formats. Other digital formats will be available soon.

To purchase the anthology, head over to the brand new
Dragon’s Roost Press sales page.

Almost There

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed a new page on the website. Currently it is a placeholder, but soon it will be the sales page for Dragon’s Roost Press. Once it is up and running, it will be your one-stop shopping location for all of the material published by Dragon’s Roost Press including both analog and digital versions.

Why is the page there? There are two answers to that.

The practical answer is that I will be having some promotional material printed in time for distribution at the upcoming conventions I will be attending. I haven’t seen the finished work yet, but the proofs look great. They will feature the front cover of the book in full color. The back will be black and white but contain the information from the back of the book. Where the bar code is on the physical book (don’t worry, this will all make more sense when you have your copies in your hot little hands), there is a QR code which leads to the sales page.

So, long story short (too late), I had to create the page so I could create the QR code.

On a slightly more long-term schedule, I needed to create the sales page because we are very close to having the book available for sale. I have finished what I hope will be the final series of edits and uploaded to the files to Amazon. As soon as they are approved (assuming that they are), the book will be available for sale. Shortly after that the digital version will be available.