Let The Crowdsourcing Begin!

The Dragon’s Roost Press has set up a crowdsourcing campaign on Indiegogo.

You should definitely check out the video, as it features numerous pictures of our own rescues, Tesla and Titus.

Also, it was very difficult for us to do this, as the voice-over required numerous takes. We really don’t care for the sound of our own voices. having to rerecord certain portions over and over was an absolute nightmare.

We are hoping to raise money to offset publication costs, pay for promotional materials, and to increase the pay rate for our authors to a professional five cents per word. Please help us spread the word. Tell your family, your friends, your enemies (if you can trick them into thinking that supporting us would piss you off), your neighbors, the dog lovers in your life. Every little bit counts.

Click here to view the Indiegogo campaign.