Following Dreadstar and Company

This review refers to the Kickstarter e-book reward version.

This volume contains issues 9 - 24 of the original run of Dreadstar. With this we move beyond the story that I remember and in to what is new territory for me. We also come closer to the close of the end of the war that Dreadstar and company have been fighting all along.

Here There Be Spoilers

In these pages, the crew loses a valuable ally in the Monarchy and we see the forces of the Ministry take control over the entire galaxy. Things squeeze in on Dreadstar and his team, until they are all either captured or killed. These events play well on the page, with some spectacular artwork. The last issue in the collection is the only exception to this, as the artwork seems flat and oddly colored. Still, the stories are enjoyable sci-fi fun. I was concerned that I would not enjoy these issues without the nostalgia colored glasses I was wearing, but the discovery was enjoyable. I'm both looking forward to and dreading the end of the story in the next volume.