Visit the Magical Orphanage

Linus' job is to investigate the orphanages which house special children. However, in this case, we define special as "magical." His latest case takes him far outside of his comfort zone, both physically and intellectually, to a house on an island housing all manner of individuals. These include a gnome who is equal parts gardener and font of death threats, a wyvern who collects buttons and coins, an anthropomorphic blob who wants nothing more than to be a bellhop, a lycanthrope who turns from a tall muscular lad into a Pomeranian...

...oh, and Lucy -- the anti-Christ.

The House in the Cerulean Sea is a story of acceptance, dealing with discrimination, and love. Linus is a bit like Macon Leary of The Accidental Tourist. He is used to things being in a particular way. He literally carries the rulebook with him wherever he goes. He does not raise his voice or put up a fight. However, after spending a month with the children he learns that there may be some things worth fighting for.