Another Quick Update

I am finding it hard to believe that is already September. As usual, I have a number of Halloween related projects that I have the materials for but which I have not touched yet. I’m so good at the planning stage, then stupid life gets in the way and I end up doing everything at the last minute.1 On the up side, at least I have the material in hand.

I do have quite a bit of stuff on the horizon (as the next
post illustrates). Before I got too busy I wanted to let you know about some things which have happened recently before I forget to mention them.

The thing which springs to mind first it that I have already started to receive some submissions for the anthology that I am putting together. I can’t tell you what a relief that is. The first fear was that no one would submit. Now I can cross that off the list. The second fear is that I would not care for any of the submissions. I can cross that one off as well because I have already received two pieces that I would love to include in the book.

I have also submitted the information regarding the project to a number of websites and Facebook pages for authors looking for new projects. I am sure that those postings have something to do with the recent spike in activity on the website.

My apologies to everyone waiting for a reply. It has been a little hectic here and I do not want to rely on form rejection letters. I want to personalize each one, so it is taking longer than absolutely necessary. Of course, I will be personalizing the acceptance letters first. Before I can send those out, I have to finalize the contract that I will be sending with it.

The other main thing that I have to do as far as that project is concerned is finish the crowdsourcing plea, request, informative video, or whatever it should be called. I have a script in place, but I have not had the benefit of silence to work on recording it. This was going to be my Saturday project, but some other things happened. Don’t worry. I’ll be hitting you all up for money soon enough.

Speaking of crowdsourcing, I am extremely happy to announce that the Kickstarter for
Sleep, Wake, Forget which I mentioned here was fully funded and the crew will be moving forwards with post production. Thank you to everyone who read about the film, either here or on Facebook, and added their dollars to kitty. I can not wait until I have the chance to see the finished film.2

As far as finishing things go, I am pleased to announce that the short I have been fussing with
3 is finally done. Well, done in the sense that I finally wrote the final scene. The current draft weighs in at an incredibly bloated 10K+ words. I think it should be around 4.500 words, tops. Ah, the editing process. How I do loathe thee.

Since I was unable to work on the crowdsourcing thing Saturday, I spent a bit of time driving around town, checking out the Halloween stores. It does seem a bit early, but that probably had more to do with the fact that I had to run the A/C full blast while I was driving. I saw some interesting new merchandise. I also saw some cool ideas that I know I can duplicate
4 at home.

Yes, I have already planned which stores to hit on 1 Nov for the 50% off sales.

Brief aside, I had a great time walking around these stores. It was still August, so the type of people who were visiting were the ones who had been waiting for the Halloween stores to open. They were the ones who have probably been planning their Halloween displays since 1 Nov, 2012. In other words, my people.

There were a number of parents with children, but it was the parents who were doing the shopping (and not for kid’s costumes. These are the people who made their kid’s costumes and they will be awesome!).

I overheard things like:

“Billy, come stand on this thing and see what it does!” (Spoken to an 8 year old who showed no fear when the prop jumped out. Instead, he started looking underneath to see how it worked. The next generation of haunter!)

“Maybe we should limit ourselves to just two right now.” (A wife to her husband who was bouncing around like a kid in a candy store.)

“Awwwwwwww ... are you sure?” (The husband in the scenario described above.)

“I love how light it is and the fact that it is separate pieces. Not only will it fit well and be comfortable, you will be able to emote through it.”
“Look at how thin it is, how great the edges are!” (A trio in their late teens, early twenties who were examining a werewolf prosthetic. They either had a good deal of knowledge or were parroting something they heard on
Face Off. I suspect the former. This made me smile.)

The highlight of the driving around was visiting
Menard’s. As you may remember (from this post), I was a little miffed at a certain craft store for selling off its Halloween merchandise before August had ended. It wasn’t even Autumn yet! Fortunately, my complaints about this did not go unheard. A fellow member of the Motor City Haunt Club told me about Menard’s5 carrying the Spooktown stuff. Not only did they carry it, it was priced lower than the discounted price at that other store. Most importantly, it was in stock!

So I picked up some stuff.

Speaking of The Mrs (read the footnotes!), she finally got to use her Mother’s Day present from the Lady and Lord of the manor. Our schedules and weather conspired against us for a while, but today she got to go up in a powered glider. She landed almost eight hours ago and she’s still grinning. If this sounds like something fun, check out
Silver Lining Aviation.

I have also been monstrously busy compiling stuff for
Penguicon. I submitted a list of around 30 potential programming items (panels, lectures, Birds of a Feather talks, meet-ups) Saturday. I have also been contacting just about everyone I can think of to see if they would be interested in participating next year. Yes, it is a little early, but keep in mind how busy the next two months are going to be. Not only do I have my own Halloween stuff to get together, I also have some conventions with the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers and some get togethers with the MCHC.

Quick mention, in case this was too long and you don’t read the next post right away: Next Saturday is the
Motor City Haunt Club Garage Sale. If you are at all interested in spooky stuff, you might want to swing by. If you love Halloween like I expect most of you do, you need to visit. The information about the sale can be found here.

I’m not sure what we have planned for tomorrow (Labor Day). The Mrs has the day off and I suspect that she will not want to spend the day cooped up in the house. At some point I want to do a test run for the confection I want to make for the
Garage Sale. This week I also need to finish the crowdsourcing video and start working on this year’s Halloween costume for the Monster Mash for Literacy Bash.

So yeah, still gonna be busy.

1 For example, the Death costume for the
2013 Motor City Comic Con. Let’s not forget the whole “iWeb is going to disappear so let’s work on the new website” thing either.

2 Don’t worry, I plan on sharing any information regarding scheduled festival appearances and showtimes with y’all.

3 Currently titled “Booger Worm.” I’m pretty sure that is going to change.

4 And probably improve upon.

5 OK, I’ll be honest. Every time I type that I hear a Scotsman complaining about his groin. “OH the PAIN!” “Where were you hit?” “In me nards!”

6 No one tell The Mrs.