You Want Great Fiction? I’ll Give You Great Fiction!

First off, let me put you at ease, this is not another Convention related post.1

I know that things have been fairly focused on all things convention lately. First there was the one-two punch of
Penguicon and Motor City Nightmares, then Motor City Comic Con. Well, the good news for you readers2 is that convention season is done for a little while. There will be a few here and there that I will attend either as a vendor or as one of the teeming masses, but for the most part I3 get a break until things start up again in the fall.

Yes, there are some conventions in between now and then
4 so there may be a little bit of whining, but for the most part you shouldn’t have to suffer through the slew of Con related posts you’ve been assaulted with recently.

With the exception of this next bit.

I have been excessively checking my e-mail, hoping to hear something positive about something I sent in recently (fingers crossed). This means that I was able to respond to an e-mail about a different topic almost immediately. I have been invited back as the head of the Literature Track for next year’s Penguicon. I can’t wait to see what I can do with a whole year of planning.

Abrupt topic change:

It is finally warming up (with the exception of today). That means it is time to emerge from the gloom and venture out into the light. Trips to the beach, picnics, or just sitting outside and getting a little Vitamin D
6, all of these things require one accessory. Yep, I’m talking about a book.

But Michael, you are asking, what should I read?

I am glad you asked. I have a number of recommendations for you. Since I have an ego which can not be contained by a subcompact car, let’s start with a few things that I am in first.

I am going to assume that you are all familiar with the
Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers. I am also going to assume that you are not only familiar with, but have purchases all of the volumes of our annual anthology Erie Tales. Just in case some of you n00bs aren’t up to date, you have the chance to catch up very quickly.

The GLAHW has recently released the first
Erie Tales Omnibus. For the low price of only $12 you can catch up on the material previously published in our first four anthologies. Weighing in at almost 300 pages, this first volume contains material from Erie Tales: Tales of Terror, Erie Tales: Zombie Chronicles, Erie Tales: Saturday Evening Ghost, and Erie Tales: Tales of the Apocalypse/Resurrection Mary. The first few anthologies are no longer available, so this is the one place to read them. It also means that the copies you have are now well on their way to being collector’s editions so why not store them in an air tight container and get a copy of the Omnibus for your perusal.

For those who missed it, last year’s
Erie Tales: Dreadful Delusions is still available here.

While on the topic of the awesome writers of the GLAHW, I am pleased to announce that the brilliant
Peggy Christie has just released a collection of her short fiction entitled Hell Hath No Fury. It contains previously published material (including some of my favorites like “Earl” and “The Lonely Corridor”) and new material sure to be new favorites. I can’t wait to dig into my copy.

Get the paperback
here and the Kindle version here.7

2012 was supposed to be the End of the World. 2013 may just end up being the year of
David C Hayes.8 Over the next few months Hayes will have a slew of titles available. Right now you can read his infectious blend of horror and humor in the following titles:

American Guignol paperback and Kindle. I thoroughly enjoyed this collection of short stories and screenplays (I am still recovering from some of them like “Love Bites”), but how can you not love something which has been described as “a Shakespearean 2 Girls 1 Cup”?

Cannibal Fat Camp, a novel which is also on my To Read (it’s already on my iPad). The paperback is available here and the Kindle version here.

What happens when a radioactive spider bites a geeky student? Spiderman? What happens when a mutant rabbit bites a geeky researcher?
Rottentail, the comic available here.

That isn’t Mr. Hayes’ only foray into the world of sequential art. He has also contributed to
Tales of Killers Who Are Serial available from Source Point Press. The first issue covers Fish, Resendiz, and Gacy.

That’s not the only SPP title Hayes appears in. His work also appears in the anthology
Alter Egos, a collection of super-hero and pulp hero stories. This collection also includes GLAHW notables Trico Lutkins, Christopher Nadeau, and yours truly. My story “The Trial of The Amber Ermine” was my first entrance into the caped hero genre and was a lot of fun to write. Alter Egos has a brilliant cover which evokes the pulp publications of the past.

Source Point Press is a new publisher which has burst on to the scene in a big way. Founders Trico Lutkins and Joshua Werner are putting out some amazing work which includes everything from comics like Jack of Spades to collections of poetry like Delightfully Wicked Poetic Tales and the upcoming collection of short stories and poems by David C. Hayes (him again?) Weird Little Kid. SPP is currently running a special promotion to introduce all of the amazing things it has to offer. Check out this link for further details.

That should be a good start for your summer reading list. I will provide further updates when new material hits the shelves.

1 HOLY SHITSNACKS! He’s writing about something other than conventions. There, it’s out of your system. Feel all better now?

2 Those who stuck with me through the con rants and those I picked up at the conventions ::waves to the new people::

3 And by extension you

4 Notably
Context, Wizard’s World Chicago, Flashback Weekend, and the World Horror Convention.


6 No, the real vitamin D you perv.

7 Most of the titles I will be discussing here are currently available on Amazon right now. While this is not necessarily my favorite option, it is the one available at the moment. Feel free to look elsewhere depending upon where you prefer to purchase your books.

8 I will let you draw your own conclusions regarding that.