Where the Social Butterfly Shall Flit

Look At Me! I’m A Social Butterfly!

Hard on the heels of my recent post about budding
extroversion, I provide proof with a brief look at the things that I have planned1 for the next month or so.2

I am going to back it up a little bit and note that since the last post, I have actually been out and social. We will start with an review of last week, then move on to where you can expect to see me in the near future.

Angela’s Birthday Lunch (10 July) You always make time to take your besties out for a meal near their birthday. This time we went to Mr. B’s in Royal Oak, then strolled the shops.

Christie Anniversary Party (10 July) When two fantastic people come together to make a great couple, you definitely want to celebrate that. When that great couple has been together for 20 years you have to celebrate that. The Christies threw a phenomenal party at Cliff’s Bellslink a bar which retains its speak-easy feel. Since this was a 20th anniversary party, they went with a roaring 20s theme. Everyone looked quite nice dressed to the nines, myself included.

MCHC Meeting (13 July) The monthly meeting of the Motor City Haunt Club. It is always a fun couple of hours, even if it was hellaciously hard to get on to U of D’s campus.3

Midnight Mass Car Show (13 July) Woah! Twice in one day! I headed out to Hartfield Lanes in Berkley to look at classic cars and hot rods, see Jane Rose and the Deadend Boys perform, and spend some time with some friends of mine. The amazing Laura Kondon was sharing a space with Vanity Vixen (pin-up make-up). I had a great time hanging out and the band was awesome.

Sunrise Cemetery Walk (14 July) An annual tradition for some members of the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers. There is nothing like a quiet stroll through Mt. Olivet Cemetery on a quiet Sunday morning. It is especially heartwarming when that walk benefits charity. The fact that there are pancakes at the end is just the icing...er the syrup. Kudos to MontiLee Stormer who abandoned us walkers4 and ran the 5K instead.

Enough with where I was, how about a look at where I will be?

Skipping over boring things like doctor’s appointments and visits from repair people5, let’s take a look at the next few weeks, shall we?

Pig and Whiskey (19 - 21). Bacon, BBQ, and booze. Do I need to say any more? The festival of all things heavenly goes on for a weekend not far from the Roost, so attending is a no brainer. Plus it is a great chance to try some bourbons I might not otherwise have a chance to.

GLAHW Photoshoot (20 July). The last picture required for the new GLAHW calendar is a new officer’s photo. Since this year’s calendar (technically this year and next year, 18 months) focused on classic horror literature, the photo will be our rendition of the characters from Something Wicked This Way Comes. Look for the calendar soon.

Zombie Bikini Carwash (20 July). A fundraiser for the fine folks from Motor City Nightmares. The event raises money for their cinematic efforts. Come out and have your car washed by bikini clad undead.

Armenian Fest (20 July). Yep, I’m going to be busy. The Mrs and I will be at the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market in the evening, enjoying the food and music. Hopefully The Mrs will be able to get some people signed up for the upcoming blood drive in September.

Monsters of Carnage (26 July). Remember that money you spent getting your car washed? It will be funding films like this! The iMagine Theater in Canton will be having the premier of Monsters of Carnage: Dinobeast. Come out, see the film, meet the film-makers.

Doggy Con (27 July). A convention dedicated to all things canine! There will be vendors, adoption opportunities, and a showing of a film which raises money to stop animal abuse in Detroit.

One Eyed Betty’s (27 July). The plan is to meet in the evening for post-birthday libations. ‘nuff said.

Summer Mead Fest (3 Aug). B. Nektar Meadery will be hosting a Mead Fest. There will be music, food trucks, and of course mead! This includes the new Zombies Take Manhattan (an imperial Zombie Killer aged in rye whiskey casks) and Black Fang (a blackberry clove mead).

Penguicon Programming Meeting (4 Aug). In case you missed the memo, I will once again be in charge of Literature Programming for Penguicon. This will be the first programming meeting for next year’s convention. I missed all of this prep work last year since I took the position so late. I am pretty excited to help shape the con from the get go.

Zombie Con (17 - 18 Aug). I know that I have mentioned it before, but I just want to make sure that everyone knows that I will be attending the first ever Zombie Con as a vendor (and possibly a speaker). I know that I have attended tons of Cons before, but this will be the first time I will be running my own table instead of participating with a group of people. I’ve already started making my lists to make sure I am prepared.

That’s a quick look at the next month. After that there will be a lull as far as appearances are concerned, but still plenty of fun to be had (I’ll be missing the opening day of the Michigan Renaissance Festival because I will be at Z-Con but you can be sure I will make it a couple other weekends). Then, before you know it, it will be time to start working on Halloween prep!

1 The key operative phrase there is “planned.”

2 Please keep in mind that this is not my normal schedule by any means. Also keep in mind that some of the things that I will be mentioning will be in association with the upcoming celebration of the anniversary of my birth.

3 Yes, I know that they are the University of Detroit-Mercy now. Whatever. It will always be Pine Knob for me too.

4 Not those kind of walkers. There is a 10K run, a 5K run, and a 1.5K walk. Yes, we walk, but we move faster than the undead. At least a little faster.

5 If you want that kind of in depth information you’ll have to follow me on Foursquare.