The Horror Movie Tag

For those of you not familiar with the idea of a “tag,”1 allow me to provide a quick explanation. It is generally applied to a bunch of different videos made by different YouTubers. Examples have included the “Wax My Boyfriend’s Leg,” “The Duct Tape Challenge,” and of course that annoying one where you try to look like Kylie Jenner.

There are also a number of question tags where the YouTuber answers a specific set of questions. Friend, fellow
GLAHWer, and horror author extraordinaire Peggy Christie invited me to answer the following questions from the Horror Movie Tag. Since I don’t have a YouTube channel2, I’ll be answering them here. To see Peggy’s answer, click here.

  1. What is the First horror movie you remember watching?

The Creature from the Black Lagoon. There were a couple of places to catch movies on the UHF dial when I was growing up. One did special weeks every once and a while. There would be Universal Movie Monsters Week, Hammer Week, Godzilla Week (I remember getting to take the black and white TV up to my room for Godzilla week). I always liked the gill-man. I grew up in Detroit and my usual summer exposure to water was limited to running through sprinklers and opening the fire hydrant. The idea that there could be something living in the murky depths delighted and frightened me at the same time.

While I did spend an inordinate amount of time in Lake Superior, I was certain that the water was too cold for anything to live there, so it was safe to swim in.

2. What is your favorite horror movie?

I’m going to cheat here and say the first to Evil Dead movies. I first heard about
The Evil Dead when I read about it in Stephen King’s Danse Macabre. Up until that point, I always thought of movies as being made by people who were substantially different from ordinary folks in special locations like Hollywood, London, or someplace exotic. The idea that there were movies made by people who grew up a couple miles from where I lived left me gobsmacked.

The Evil Dead is one of the most over-the-top horror movies I have ever seen. What most people forget is that it is a horror movie. None of the scares are played for laughs. That being said, I enjoy a mix of horror and humor. I think that they are two side of the same coin. So I have to include Evil Dead 2 as well.

3. What is your favorite horror movie genre?

This is a tough one. A decade ago I probably would have said zombie, but the market has become so oversaturated with zombies that even I have started to grow tired of them. That being said, I can watch the undead gnawing on flesh any time.
4. What genre scares you the most?

For the sheer creep factor I am going to say supernatural/possession films. I’m talking about the movies which take place in a normal, boring setting, then something turns the characters lives around. Amityville, Exorcist, the Paranormal Activity movies, anything where the supernatural forces its way into the normal world creeps me right the F out. I am prepared for psycho killers and zombies. I’m not ready for poltergeists in my house.

5. What is the last horror movie you watched that actually scared you?

Is it a bad sign that it is taking a while to come up with an answer for this one? Honestly, the only thing which comes to mind is Nosferatu which I watched for the umpteenth time the other day. Count Orlok is just so creepy that he stays with you.

6. Who is your ultimate scream queen?

My first inclination is to go with Jamie Leigh Curtis, but ultimately I have to go with her mom. Janet Leigh’s scream in the shower scene of
Psycho is the best scream ever.

7. What’s a concept that you’d like to see in horror?

Originality. Hands down, originality. There are thousands of great horror novels and short stories which would make amazing films, but Hollywood keeps going back to the same damn well over and over again. I’m so tired of looking at the “Now Playing” list and having it look just like one from the late 80s. Stop remaking perfectly good films!

8. What is your favorite on screen kill?

I’m going to have to cheat again on this one and name two. For sheer creativity, revulsion, and bad-assery I would say Bill Paxton’s creative use of spurs in
Near Dark. However, since I know that my wife would leave me in a second if Kevin Bacon called, his arrow through the neck death in Friday the 13th had a special place in my heart.

9. What’s your favorite horror franchise?

Oof. This is a tough one. Not because there are so many good ones (there are!), but because so many of the franchises that I love devolve into ridiculousness after two or three films. The Nightmare on Elm Street films are certainly near the top of the list, but they get sooo bad. The same can be said for the Hellraiser films. If I can limit it to the first two, I’ll go with Pinhead and crew.

10. Who’s your favorite horror director?

Jeez, you certainly saved the tough one for last. I’m a huge fan of Guillermo del Toro.
The Devil’s Backbone and The Orphanage have permanant spots on my Top 25 Horror Movie list. Honorable mentions would include John Carpenter, Tobe Hooper, Wes Craven, and of course tha master himself: Alfred Hitchcock.

Now we come to the part where we spread the tag like a contagion which causes the victims to crave flesh: Patty Templeton, Sara Gale, Bill Zombie Zak Snider, and the original horror snob Jim Leach, you have been tagged! Feel free to make a video, blog your answers, or just answer on the social media platform of your choice. Whichever way you choose, please tag me so I can see your answers.

1 Congratulations on not watching hours and hours of YouTube videos. What do you do with your spare time?

2 I have a face for blogging, the modern day equivalent of the face for radio.