Where I Will Be, When I Will Be There

As previously discussed in many previous posts, I will be on no less than eight different panels at this year’s Penguicon. The convention will be held this upcoming weekend, 26 - 28 April, at the Marriott Centerpoint in Pontiac, Michigan. The official schedule is up1 so it should be safe for me to publish mine.2

4:00 pm Where Do The Ideas Come From? -- Baldwin
7:00 pm Writer’s Groups and Networking -- Martini Lounge (Awww yeah!)
9:00 pm You’ve Written It, Now What? -- Perry
10:00 pm Are We Sick of the Undead Yet? -- Baldwin
11:00 pm Who Is Your Monster? -- Perry

4:00 pm Make ‘Em Laugh: Comedy and Speculative Fiction -- Wisner
5:00 pm Genre-Crossing: The Peanut Butter Cup of the Literary World -- Centerpoint
6:00 pm Genre vs. Mainstream/Lit Fic Are We Still Debating This? -- Centerpoint

As you can see, I am really busy for chunks of the convention and free for the rest. Friday is definitely going to kick my butt. I had originally left Sunday open to attend
Motor City Nightmares which is going on the same weekend3. Both the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers and the Motor City Haunt Club will be there. However, because of the way my schedule worked out and the fact that some of the media guests at MCN will not be there on Sunday, my plan is to jet over there Saturday morning and still be back in time for my 4pm panel.

As for the rest of my free time, I will definitely be hitting the Smithee Awards whenever I am not in a panel on Friday. There are a number of interesting panels on Saturday to choose from. I’m thinking about hitting the Is Steampunk Science Fiction and trying my hand at Braving the Eye of Argon. I usually hit a bunch of tech panels as well but we’ll see what the weekend brings.

1 Check it out if you want to see when and where other people will be.

2 I described the panels in this
post last week.

3 Damn it!