Amazon Double Feature Number One

I don’t always make the best decisions, but sometimes there are opportunities which are too good to pass up.

One of these occurred this week when I received a free pass to two movies which will soon be released from Amazon studios. I’ve received free screener passes before, but usually I am unable to attend them due to my work schedule. Make no mistake, my work schedule should have prevented me from attending these movies as well, but there was an extra, special something to consider this time:

The movies were being shown at the
Ford-Wyoming Drive-In.

People who are long time visitors to the Roost are familiar with my love of the drive-in.
1 How could I pass up the opportunity to see new horror movies for FREE at the Drive-In?

Black Box
This was the better film of the double feature by far. Mamoudou Athie does a great job as an amnesiac recovering from a car accident which took his memories and his wife, leaving him to raise his daughter (Amanda Christine) alone. Normally I find the lost memory trope pretty tiring, but it is used well here as Nola (Athie) begins to recover memories that hint at a past unlike what he has been told about himself, a dark past with violent undertones. Child actor Christine is good as his precocious daughter who has taken on the role of caretaker far too young. While some of the tech (like Phylicia Rashad’s titular device) and hospital proceedings (sooo many HIPPA violations) are questionable, a little disbelief suspension is well worth this well plotted and acted film. If you’ve got Prime, take a gander.

The Lie
Do you like good characters? Do you like people in general? Then
The Lie is not for you. I’ve never seen a more complete collection of despicable characters. I genuinely hated everyone in this movie.3 Everyone. The plot centers around a girl who dies and is maybe killed by her friend and the lengths her parents will go to to cover this up, but it doesn’t matter. The big twist at the end doesn’t matter. All that matter is that the movie doesn’t end with a comet slamming into their house and killing everyone. If you have the chance to see this, don’t. Go take a nap. Trim your nose hairs. Stare at a blank wall for an hour and a half.

All right, I need to back that up a little bit. There are some beautiful shots in this film. A+ for the choreography. Maybe fast forward it and then look at the pretty scenes with the sound off.

  1. New folk can scroll through any number of blog posts in the movie review category and find tons of examples of me spending time at the Ford-Wyoming.2

  1. Granted, this probably shows some excellent acting skill, if the goal was to make you want to gouge out the eyes and throats of all of the characters.