Another Fine Novel from Matt Rush

It's rare that a book (or film for that matter), can present an online world and the "real" world believably. 88 Names does an excellent job of both. John Chu runs a company where he and his team work as "Sherpas," digital guides to the various VR games available on-line. Whether your goal is to command a fleet of space ships or take on the dragon's minions, Chu can provide the characters and equipment the you will need.

For a fee, of course.

When he is contacted by a mysterious Mr. Smith acting on behalf of the equally anonymous Mr. Jones and is offered an incredible amount of money to show Jones all of the MMORPGs, he is suspicious, but takes the job. Soon he is embroiled in what may be an international conspiracy involving North Korea, China, but on the internet -- no one knows you're a dog.

Ruff does an excellent job creating the RL world and the online world. While the setting is fantastical, it is also completely believable